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Day 1 over and done with...

My god that was flipping hard. Harder than I expected.. All was going okay until about 4pm when I felt sleepy and fell asleep in the car, then got home and had a bath, fell asleep in the bath and on the bed... woke up after 30mins, went downstairs and the missus started chomping into a big bag of popcorn whilst watching bb. I picked the biggest piece of lovely butter popcorn from the packet, smelt it, rolled it round my fingers and put it back again. :D

For tea I had Oriental Chilli which was absolutely gross, but I drank it. :(

Then I decided to make a choc orange muffin. Which was disgusting aswell. :D

By bedtime I weighed myself, just out of interest and my weight had shot up from 19st2 to 19st6!! Whats that all about???

Woke up this morning and weighed myself and 19st1!.. ..:confused::confused:

Anyway, the missus is type1 diabetic so has lots of Keotos.. whatiscallums so gave it a go out of interest, again... and neutral.

Woke up this morning feeling all normal again and raring to go :D

Lets see what day 2 brings :D

Bring it on....
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It took me a few days to get into ketosis, on day 3 it was.

Well done for resisting temptation! :)

Everyone puts on weight during the day, that's why I only weigh myself in the morning :D
I think it's just all the water you drink and the shakes etc.

Good luck for today :D

Jenni x


Will be slim!!!!!!!
dont worry about being heavier in the evening, im always a couple pounds heavier due to the water etc. best time to weigh is in the morning! congrats on getting through your first day, gets easier from here on though, and well done for not having that popcorn!
yep its all the water u have in the day

the best time to weigh urself is when u wake up

good luck
I completed day 1 yesturday and actually found it easier than I thought but then I was really busy yesturday so that helped.
I got really cold in the evening and was also very tired, which is apparentley 'normal'.
I haven't got any of the soups, I only have the shakes but am finding I need something savoury so will have to get somes soups next week.
I was going to get the oriental chilli but if its that bad I won't bother! lol
Good luck with today, the first 3 or 4 are supposed to be the hardest, thats what I keep reminding myself! :)


Will be slim!!!!!!!
well done glitterbabe, yeah getting cold is normal and you will find it will stop in a few days, the soups in my opinion are RANK lol but i guess people have different tastes, i started off having one of everything just so i knew what i liked and took it from there. good luck and its really worth it!

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