Day 1 over...onwards & downwards

Hi All,

I only managed 1 packet on Thursday due to TOTM so I really only completed day 1 yesterday (3 packets split into 6). It actually went alright. I drank 8 litres of water, which even surprised me.

Since I got up this morning I have been going hot/cold. one minute I am putting on a jumper to keep warm, next I am stripping down cos I am roasting and feel weak. Is this normal?

Ketostix actually turned pink this morning, between the 3rd and 4th colour on the chart. Is the ideal the darkest colour or is that too dangerous?

Couldn't resist when I got up this morning to stand on the scales (old habits die hard). It showed a 4lb loss, yippee that's great but I know the official one won't be until next Friday and I know that could change completely, so I am not dwelling on it, but must admit, it has spurred me on.

Realistically, should the weight keep going down every day or could I find my official weigh in next friday as 3lb for example even after sticking to it 110%?

Thank you,
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Hi Sarah,

Once your in the pink your in ketosis and I can go from warm to cold like you have described.

The first week you normally have the biggest loss as your reducing your glycogen stores.

If you get your totm between now and next Friday you may not see a big weight loss as you can retain fluid.

But all in all if you stick with it you should have a good weight loss.

I have one week completed and my weigh in this morning I am down 10lbs.

Well done on your 4lbs. off already!

I would not drink any more than 8 litres of water as too much water is not great either.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini,

I have TOTM at the minute, so should be long gone by weigh in day. Thanks for the info on the water. I think I probably drank so much yesterday to stop me from eating. I am only on my 2nd litre today, by this time yesterday I was finishing my 3rd.

I won't get too excited on the 4lb cos I know you can't go by day-to-day weigh-ins, but as I said it helps to see it.

Well done on your 10lb loss. That's fantastic in 1 week. Imagine being able to lose that much every week. We'd be finished CDSS in 5 weeks. How bad..... LOL.

Thanks again,


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Congrats on your loss and successful completion of day 1 :cool: As Mini says, no more than 8 litres honey - you don't want to make yourself ill. Keep up the good work :D
Good morning all, I am now on day 5. Can't believe that I didn't pack it in after the toast incident on Day 3. Of course it set me back 2 days for ketosis, but....

Weighed myself this morning and I am down another pound. That's 8lb since Friday. I hope the official weigh in on Friday will be as kind as my scales is. I haven't moved inch wise on the waste (moved a centimetre).

But I had a t-shirt (one of the ones with the really short sleeves, barely over the shoulder sort of thing) on me on Friday when I got weighed and it was a bit tight around the armpit. I put it on this morning and it isn't tight there anymore.

I have a scales that weighs Body Fat and Water. It was BF 50.8% and BW 30.4%. Thats now BF 49.2% and BW 31.4%. (BF should be going down and BW going up) So Yippee!!!

This is great. Still getting the hungry feeling, but I am sure that will go in the next few days.

Good luck everyone, especially those on their first week.



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Well done for getting to day 5 Im only slightly ahead of you on day 7 but weigh lost isnt as good.

Keep up the good work, cant wait for your results on Friday.
Hi Blitz,

I know my loss might seem good for the few days I have been on CD, but I am not moving inch wise. All it is is fluid that I have lost. I know from the gazillion other diets that I have done that the big loss at the start is only excess fluid.

It will be next week that will show the true loss. I didn't cut down or anything beforehand (prob why I ate toast on Day 3), just went straight into it, that's probably why 8lb lost (4 on the first day, then just over 1 the others) in the few days, because it's all fluid.

You probably did the smart thing and cut out carbs, etc. beforehand (the way everyone should) so your loss is a true loss, of weight rather than fluid.

But it still makes me smile and gives me the incentive to go on.

Best of luck.


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well done for keep ing at it and your weight loss. I lost 6 lbs my first week - most of that was in the first 4 days.

Keep at it and keep smiling. :)

I had to get my official weigh in this morning as I have to go away tomorrow.

Down 9lbs after 5 days on SS. Yippee!!!


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well done!!!

that ought to keep u motivated. xxxx