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day 1 seems to be going ok


loves minimins
hi everyone! hope your all doin ok,

i started day 1 today and i feel ok got a slight headache but that might be down to the fact i've been doing my cross stitch which i havent done for a while. but apart from that i'm fine. just thought i'd keep u all posted
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weighs a lot less
day 1 nearly done give yourself a pat on the back ,you can take painkillers but your right its proberly down to the cross stitch a hot bath and an earky night is just what you need hows your friend doing xx


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Hi Kelly, well done on day one, as Lillie said, take painkillers for the headache, and drink plenty of water hun x x x


loves minimins
thank you for your kind words i'm feeling better after a bath.i'm not giving up this time i cant wait to see the end results i've wanted to be thin all my life and now it's time to achieve it.
Hi Kelly and well done just take each day as it comes you'll be fine pet X;)


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Not you can achieve it.....you WILL acheive it. Well done for getting through today. xx


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Keep the positive attitude and you'll do just great x


loves minimins
just had some pain killers for my headache seems to be giong now thank god


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:)well done hon Ive found as the days go on my determination has got stronger and it seems to get easier, so keep going
Iv found that too :D
We're great aint we.. the whole lot of us :D


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Well done on day 1 hun, stick at it and just get through the first week then you'll be great xxx
Coming to the end of my first day with just the soup to go (gulp). Havent had many cravings at all and things seem to be going ok. Been told to put a lot of pepper in the soup to make it palletable lol. Got a bit of a headache but going to watch the football now so that should take my mind off it.


loves minimins
well i'm here again first day went fab i'm so proud of myself i could cry i didnt think i could do it but i did and i can so i'll have this weight off in no time
you will Kelly;)x
You definitely will, you have a very positive attitude and seem to really want it. The first few days are definitely the most difficult. Keep it up!!!

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