Day 1 so far....


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Hi All

Today is my day one on the DD doing SS. I've just made up my porridge and it was disgusting. I so need to do this diet but I keep find myself thinking up reasons not to do it. Why am I being so negative about this?

Also I've just started a new job last week and it was awful. I no I have to persevere as its what I want to do and should get better. I'm not on shift again till Thursday so do you think I will be in ketosis by then? I'll be thursday day shift and then friday and saturday night shift so really really want to be in ketosis.

thanks for letting me ramble on. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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hey andrea, what flavour porridge did you have? i am addicted to the new apple and cinnemon one and feel it tastes better than some of the non CD porridge brands?

it will get better.. the first couple of days are the worst, but if you stick at it 100% you could be in ketosis as early as tuesday.

with you working shifts (i do as well) bear in mind on nights you may want to have an extra shake.. i know i do when im on nights.

chin up ... think positively.. thats when good things happen :D


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Ah... :(

The first few days can be a bit like this. I remember getting to day 3 or 4 and making myself a hot chocolate (packet) at work - but forgot all about needing some kind of whisk. It was awful. I gagged trying to drink the thing. In fact, in the end, I decided not to.

The thing is, you're not going to know what you like until you try them. Have you got any tetras? Chocolate's pretty good. I found I liked strawberry packet shakes as well.

It does get better. Your taste buds change, I swear. There are still some flavours I just can't do (broccoli and cheese soup springs to mind - yak!) but most of them taste just fine to me now.

Make up your mind you're just going to do this, whatever. Cos once you get through the first couple of days, it does get better. Honest.

Hugs :hug99:


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I did the same thing on my first day, had the porridge, and was almost sick eating it, and dont even get me started on the Broccoli and Cheese soup....:9529:I started to think there was no way I could stick to it.

However, instead of thinking negatively, I used that first week to find out what I liked and didnt like, so now Im in my second week, i knew exactly what to order from my cdc, and it really does make the diet more enjoyable knowing your going to enjoy what your about to eat....

I lost 12lbs in my first week, so I can say from experience, it is well worth sticking with it through the tough first week when you see those results on the scales...:D



S: 16st6lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(9.13%)
thanks for replying everyone.

It was just the plain porridge, my cdc told me it was really sweet so thats why I ordered it. I certainly didn't think so.......

You' ve all made me determined to get through day one and then hopefully that will continue to week 1.



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Hi Andrea

I'm on day 2 & just had my first porridge (apple & cinnamon) was quite sharp with the apple taste at first so I'm wondering if to try the plain one? I'm guessing the longer we are off food the better everything will begin to taste!

Spicy tomato soup was lovely & the lactose free chocolate I had hot last night & I think it was tastier than the normal chocolate!

Guess its all trial & error with trying to find out what we like... I'll go for a bit more variety next week.

Good luck on day one... I feel much more focused with one day 100% SS'ing under my belt. xx


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Welcome....... congratulations on sticking to day 1. I think once you have day 1 under your belt things get a bit easier....... imagine how you'll feel after week 1!!!

I'm just starting day 11. I no longer have any headaches, I no longer feel particularly hungry...... altho I never needed hunger to eat before!!

The best piece of advice I can give you is to stay busy...... as busy as you can. I probably spent most of my first week on here!!!


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My first week on CD I couldn't think of the packs as food - I thought of them as medicine to make me well again and that is how I got through it.

My CDC had given me a couple of every flavour to try and some really did taste like nasty medicine (tomato and the broccolli/cheese spring to mind:jelous:) but some were much nicer.

I can remember drinking some while pinching my nose and then sinking a pint of water to wash the taste away.
Come the 2nd week, 8.5 lbs lighter, I knew which ones not to order again!

I would say grit your teeth and get through the 1st week anyway you can. The results on the scales will be what gets you through from there.

Good luck!!

(ps your CDC should swap any flavours you don't like as long as the packs are in a resellable condition).


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As the others have said, once u get through the first wk u will feel much better. As far as the food packs go, their r lots of flavours and its trial and error finding which ones u like. good luck.

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good to hear all the positives.... i'm on day 2 and finding it tough.... can't wait to get to my happy place!

Good luck Andrea!!