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Total Solution Day 1 tomorrow - Again!

Well after 2 weeks of 100% I started uni this week and totally fell off the wagon :(
Once I started eating I couldn't stop and have put 5 of the 10lbs I lost back on again, really annoyed at myself!
I recently took up bellydancing and danced in public for the first time last night and it's really made me realise that I need to lose weight to dance well. You don't need to be skinny to bellydance but the girls that were a bit thinner just looked so fantastic and I want to be one of them and not one of the fat birds!

I've got a month's supply of packs to last me until next payday so day 1 tomorrow. I can do this, I know I can. Sexy bellydancer by Christmas lol
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A thin person in disguise
Hey JoJo. It my second day 1 tomorrow too. I had been 100% for 5weeks then blew it in AAM that kick started 3 weeks of eating!! I have no idea how much ive put on, probably all of it. However, to prevent me from giving myself a hard time u am looking into why I began eating again and to have tools techniques etc., in placenta prevent it happening again.

Really looking forward to starting and losing weight. I've given myself til Christmas to lose 3 stone which I think is achievable.

Would like to keep up with you since we are starting back at a similar time. Xx
I'd love to lose 3 stone by Christmas too and I'm sure we can do it. I think you are right about putting things in place to prevent eating otherwise when we start eating 'normally' again we might lose control and end up back at square one. Good luck for tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you :) water bottle at the ready here we go!!!


A thin person in disguise
*clink of water bottles*. I really need to focus on me to get this weight off. I decided that at this restart I would tell people then I would feel that this is my dirty little secret. People eil say what they want and u am learning (v slowly) that their opinion has nothing to do with me, it's all about their prejudices and insecurities.

Can't wait to wear a pair of v high shoes for my work's Christmas do.

Also looking forward to sharing the journey with u JoJo and all on here xx
Lol if I get 3 stone off by Christmas you won't be able to stop me dancing!

How's day 1 been for you, RachieB? I've managed to distract myself with a nice long bath and lots of cups of peppermint tea. So that's one day done, if I can do it today I can do it tomorrow right? One day at a time :)


A thin person in disguise
Hey I will do a fab dance, probably clear the floor!!! Day 1 was ok JoJo. I am full of cold so my appetite has taken a nose dive. Also I think that because I've told my family I feel empowered and strong enough to deflect their negative comments; trust me when I say there are a lot of people in my life that like me fat so as to make themselves feel good!!

I was previously eating 4 packs in a day but I've now dropped down to 3 due to cost and speed of wanting this weight off me. At 6ft I think I will ok esp with my coke zero, dr pepper zero and flavoured water in hand.

How's day 2 going? Do u have sweeteners in your peppermint tea? Xx


A thin person in disguise
Hey Triplewhooper

Thanks for your support whoop whoop. Where ate u on your journey to slim jim and skinny minis? X
It's not going too bad just been to the shops to stock up on coke zero and strawberry water lol. I don't bother sweetening my tea, it's an acquired taste but nice once you get used to it. I've only told my other half that i'm 100% everybody else thinks i'm eating one meal a day at home in the evening, just can't face telling them I'm doing 'that diet' again (I lost 5 1/2 stone on lighterlife about 5 years ago and have put about 4 stone back on). Might come clean once the weight loss starts showing. I know what you mean about people wanting to keep you fat, my family are all overweight and every occasion revolves around eating and they weren't very supportive when I lost weight last time :(


A thin person in disguise
Bless you JoJo. I too lost 5 stone on lighterlife but put mine back on in 12 months!! Lots of contributing factors affected my comfort zone and as a result I eat!!

I've told my family as I just can't bear the thought of keeping making excuses for having no food in the house and avoiding family dos. I have stocked up on coke zero dr pepper zero. I am currently delayed on a train (70 mins late). I've just tried to have my last pack and because it's a soup there's no ditt to open it easily so as you can guess half of it is over train and me. Class!!!

How have you got on this week so far? I think I am in ketosis because I thought that I could take on the world. Awesome!!!


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