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Day 1 tomorrow

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by TINKERBELLA, 30 April 2014 Social URL.


    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    Hi - would like to introduce myself to the group!! I'm becky and will be starting my cambridge diet tomorrow. I had my meeting tonight and got my products all stocked up ready!

    I have previously done cd but that was a good few years ago --- and unfortunately I'm back after having another baby and a fractured ankle and weighing myself a couple of weeks ago to realise that I weigh more than I ever have done!! I've lost 9lbs with slimming world in the last couple of weeks and hoping to lose lots more with cd!!

    Would love to know where everyone is at!! I love this forum it always helped me stay on the right road before n I'm hoping it will this time aswell!! I hope to support others aswell on my journey if I can!!

    Sooo tell me about yourselves :) and together we can be who we wanna be!! xxx
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  3. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Hey good luck tomorrow on day 1
    I'm on day 7 of ss tomorrow I did a week of step 3 beforehand to ease me in.
    Overall from my starting weight I want to lose 4 stone by mid august as we have a big family wedding in Dubai and out there for a few weeks. Had a peek and seem to have shifted 11lb so far (3 on step 3 rest since last Saturday) I'm also getting CDC to measure my inches so I have a two pronged attack.
    Keep us all posted
    Autumn x

    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    Thank you Autumn! I would love to lose the same as you by August as it's my 30th birthday on the 20th!! So a 4 stone loss would be fab!! I'm jealous of u going to Dubai it's one place I would love to go!! I will also be measured weekly as overall I think that's what counts the most!! When is ur weigh in?? x
  5. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Oh I go on the 20th so that's a good date for us both. My husbands family live in Dubai so we go quite often now. Sat afternoon my weigh in and measurements. Xx

    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    Definitely something to keep us both on track!! Lol let's do if together!! My weigh ins will be on a Wednesday - so hopefully we can spur each other on!
  7. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Brill mine will be fri or sat mostly I think. I have a few ss+ dats planned for social events and we are going to Greece in June so am doing step 3 when there x

    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    I'm also off to Germany at the end of May only for a couple of days haven't decided what I'm going to do then - just planning to lose as much as possible before I go!
    You seem to have got yours all worked out and planned - which is definitely the best way to be!!

    Have you done this diet before?? How do you find the water intake?? x
  9. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Hi yes I have done it before and it worked really well but I would go back to normal habits afterwards and it goes on quickly.
    Water I hate and I have 3.25litres a day plus 225ml in each shake. I have to write it all down or I'd have nowhere near enough lol. X

    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    I have the ready made shakes as I prefer these and find them easier as I'm always busy!! I find the water part the easiest bit - but still write it all down as find it helps keep me on track!
    I completely get you with the it goes on quickly!! It seems as though whatever I eat sticks straight on my hips!!
    I come from a family who can all (except my dad) eat whatever they want and stay slim! Sooooo not fair lol xx
  11. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Lol I come from a family where it all goes on out belly. My hubby is fit as a butchers dog and hate going the gym with him feel fat n frumpy so onwards n downwards (scales wise) lol x
  12. LizzRob

    LizzRob Well-Known Member

    Hi Becky, I'm Lizz! Day 18 I think for me now. Want to lose a stone in May for my friends wedding...I have a new dress to squeeze into (the one I was going to wear is now too big yay me) and then I'm going to Barbados the end of august! So lots of incentive!

    I'm doing SS and doing ok so far! It's my second time too. Just have some pesky pounds to get off from not being disciplined enough and also quitting smoking. Welcome aboard :)

    Current loss: 12lbs and 7.5inches

    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    It's all going on in August lol!!

    Lizz that must feel fab about your dress!! Well done on ur losses so far!

    Autumn - that's like my hubby!! I can't wait to be able to exercise again -- I fractured my ankle in feb n have only been out of plaster for 3 weeks - so just being able to walk at the moment is still a struggle as it's get so swollen still!!

    Do either of you go to the gym often??
  14. LizzRob

    LizzRob Well-Known Member

    Not tried it on yet. I'm too scared lol but thank you

    No to the exercise. I am still pretty tired with doing SS, working full time and being a single mom too I think I'd pass out if I did exercise too.

    If you are going to exercise please please please do something gentle. A walk, swimming, yoga...you're on little enough cals as it is without burning loads more....you're body wouldn't thank you and the losses wouldn't be as good

    Current loss: 12lbs and 7.5inches
  15. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Hi girls
    I have stuck to swimming since doing ss and walking as I don't want to wear myself out or prevent any losses. Not enough calories in this diet to sustain any cardio. Trust me I'm a doctor. Literally lol xx

    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    Wow autumn didn't realise you were a doctor!! Will definitely trust u on the exercise front!! I usually swim with my children on a Friday and before I hurt my ankle I used to walk to my daughters school and back twice a day so will hopefully be able to start that again soon!!
    I have an exercise bike which I'm going to start using slowly mainly to help build up my muscles after being in plaster so long!!

    So as the end of the day approaches has it been successful?? xx
  17. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Be careful cycling as it can effect muscle wastage and stuff when on this type of diet. Wait until your really well established further down the line.
    Yes I'm a consultant in gynea and hubby is consultant in psychiatry so rather an odd combination of medicine lol.
    I've had 2 products and 100g of chicken that Jay left out but I weighed it first so I knew how much it was. Had lots of water today too.
    I'm off work tomorrow so having 1/2 chicken breast and salad (160 cals) at nandos so ss+ tomorrow for me. I am allowing myself one day of ss+ a week to keep me sane ha x

    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice will definitely take it on board! You have to do whatever works for you // I do SS+ every day with the meal for two reasons ...

    1) I'm just 5ft 8 so wud have to have 4 products a day anyway if I did just ss - so I figured I might aswell have a little meal plus it keeps the costs down.... Also
    2) I have two children and don't think it portrays a good image to them if I don't eat at meal times so dinner we can all sit down together to eat.

    Tonight I made an mushroom and egg omelette kinda thing lol!! - I still have one shake left to have!! But evenings are my worst so I have my last shake as late as possible - otherwise I feel deprived if I have nothing left to have! I've had 3.5 litres already! I find the water bit so easy!

    What products do you normally have? xx
  19. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Ha I am an evening girl too. I have just been having choc n choc mint shakes. CDC is bringing rice pudding to try on Saturday though too. I have some lemon bars in stock for work emergencies like when I'm on call for surgery etc
    Weekend will be a test as I'm on call sat and sun and I generally used to graze n eat when I could from canteen costa n vending machines Eeek x

    TINKERBELLA Well-Known Member

    I have the ready made shakes!! I didn't realise there was a rice pudding??? You'll have to let me know about that??

    I haven't tried lemon bars they must be pretty new aswell??

    I can imagine they must be really tough times for being on call etc!! Do you like black coffee or tea???

    I'm one happy bunny this evening I've just done a keto test and I'm just heading into ketosis already!!! Yay!! xx
  21. Autumn76

    Autumn76 Well-Known Member

    Oh excellent I feel no hunger now on day 7 of step 1
    Lemon bar are week 3 onwards but I needed them in store for emergency as the tetra packs don't suit me. Rice pudding is v new indeed.
    Yeah on call is evil at times as emergency sections you don't always get much warning about and u have to drop everything. I don't do tea or coffee. I like a costa decaf but only with milk so I just don't bother on the diet. It would be a special treat really. Xx

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