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DAY 1...

Hi every1, I was meant to be starting LT 6 days ago but I was not well (flu) am ok now and today is my day1..I jus hope I dont get too hungry coz am off to work and I will be on my feet the whole day...Did any1 start LT while woking? I mean standing all day and talking to customers??

Good luck to every1 and well done to those who have achieved their goals..:thankyouthankyou:
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hi, yep i work in a filling station, so run from till to deli to office! meeting customers all day, and passing the fantastic, buns etc :( i make my shakes in the smoothie maker at work and but them in a smoothie cup with straw so every1 thinks i drinkin a smoothie :) best of look keep posting :)


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good luck :)
any time you're feeling in need of support just log on here, there are some fab people who'll talk some sense into you if you need it or just say well done after your weigh ins :)


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Good luck with your first week.
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Best of luck.

I stared whilst i was working 12 hour nights lol


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Good luck Yazzy, although and welcome to the forum.

I started whilst working, but I work sitting down!!! I think it is probably easier if you are busy and not thinking about food anyway. I was sat and couldnt stop thinking about food for the first few days, after that, the cravings just went!

Look forward to hearing all about your first weigh in.

Take care
thanxx evryone, I actually managed to work as usual..the only thing is I was hungry most of the time, but I kept running for more water...Its not as bad as I thought it would be
Thanks to all of you for the support and yes I will keep posting...I am getting all excited now, I kno its only day 1 but I know by day 3 al be just fine! XX


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i started on a thursday and work thur fri sat and sun nights in a chip shop, i found it suprisingly easy :) x
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Well done on getting through day 1. The first few days are the hardest but just take them one at a time and hang in there for the first WI. That is usually enough to keep you going for another week. When I started I was only going to do 6 to 8 weeks to kick start my losses but after the first few weeks I thought I could really do this and kept going. It did get easier. It is best to keep busy coz it keeps your mind off food!

Good luck for day 2.

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Good luck on your LT journey, there will be a few tough times in the fist week or two, but if you can take it from me, it will get much easier if you stick to it 100% and don't forget to drink water, water, water!!!! I couldnt believe there would come a time when I could cook, bake and sit with family while all around they were eating and drinking and I was FINE with nothing but water or a shake in front of me. But when you see how fast the weight drops off....you will just sit there with a huge smile on your face!!!
OMG thats very good news from all of you..well done! I am soo happy I opned this site now coz I am daydreaming of chips and chicken! and icecream LOL...but now I wanna do it...! I know I can!...I think the best part is loosing the weight...I know al get thru!

Thnnxx evry1 for the motivation... :)


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Hi Yazzy,
that craving is all in your head and will be gone by the time you come off here, don't you worry. They say cravings last no more than 10 mins, that's enough time to read a few posts and reply. Soon you won't even think of eating and it will be all plain sailing from there. Best of luck.


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Hiya and welcome Yazzy!!!! :)

Good luck on your journey xxxxx
Hi Doirin..thats soo true, am much better now!..I know I will be ok, guess is the first 3 days that are difficult..Thank [email protected] hun..I am getting soo much support from here. :)


I will be skinny again!!!
S: 14st10.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st12lb(19.37%)
This site is brilliant for the diet chick!!

It honeslty does help! Keeps busy food picking fingers at bay too!! lol :)

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hiya, i am on day 3 and starting to feel less hungry already, first 2 days are the hardest, so keep going

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