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Discussion in 'Exante' started by xxmelxx, 20 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Full Member

    well its day 1 for me today, lookin 4ward 2 bein slim 4 CRIMBO!!! :Christmas02r:
    A bit hungry already but its day 1 so im still in a positive frame of mind which makes it easier! Anyway ill keep comin on here cos its Great for support, if anyone has any 'before, during and after pics' i find that these are great for inspiration, so if anyone wants 2 post them on here then that would be fab! fanx xxx
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  3. Poppysparkle

    Poppysparkle Silver Member

    Good luck on day 1!! I'm now on day three - feel better today than I did yesterday, although I'm halfway through my second pack already! I'm eating four packs a day and have been since Wednesday - a sneaky mid week weigh (or two days later rather) in has revealed a 6lb loss already!!! WOW! Worth wanting to eat my arm and grumping at everyone yesterday!

    Lovely to have company in my early days - although I am hoping to only need to do about four full weeks to get back to where I was when I finished LL.

    Once again, good luck!
  4. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Good luck Mel - you will be amazed at the difference by christmas. Well done on your 6 lb mid week loss Poppysparkle - absolutely fab. You are so going to spank your target in no time. Glad you are feeling better than yesterday.

    I am straddling LL and Exante, I wanted to use LL packs when I got to target, following LL RTM - It seemed better to use their packs if I was following their RTM as they have fewer cals per pack than Exante and I worried I might be eating too many cals if I used Exante Packs on LL RTM? I do like to make life difficult - if anyone has any useful thoughts about that would welcome them.

    So I am continuing with LL till I have enough packs saved for RTM but have started on the Exante packs today - I know I know I really can't do anything in a straightforward way!

  5. feelinglarge

    feelinglarge Full Member

    hi guys
    ive just ordered a months supply of exante.
    can any of you tell me roughly how to do it? i did lipotrim after my first baby. im so determined to do it. i tried the kee diet which is good but exante is so much cheaper right now. will their 4 weeks offer only last until christmas?

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