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Day 1

Hi All

I've decided to start a diary to help me keep an eye on my progress. I lost 4 stone on the Cambridge diet a while ago but have gained just over a stone back. I fell back into old habits and before I know it the weight started creeping back on.

I felt really fed up and kept thinking I have to get this weight off before I gain anymore. But it was just one vicious cycle. I kept saying I'll start tomorrow everytime I'd had another binge until I finally thought I don't want to tomorrow to come ad I've gained back 4 stone.

I called my old CDC and she was great. Now I'm back doing the 790 plan. I wanted to do sole source but my CDC was having none of it as my bmi is below 25. I've promised myself that I will do things differently this time around as I will remember the mistakes I made when I got to the maintenance stage.

I really hope the weeks fly by as I can't wait to get back into the clothes I bought after I reached my target weight.
Roll on day 2.....

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The Diet Guy
Hiya if your BMI is below 25 then you must not be doing 790 either as the rules are the same for sole source and 790. Nobody with a normal BMI should be on SS or 790. You need to be up on a higher plan.



The Diet Guy
Just be careful!! :)

You should not be on 790 or SS if your BMI is below a stone over a BMI of 25.

In other words if your BMI of 25 weight is 10 stone then you should move onto 1000 plan when you are 11 stone.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good Luck Jitterbug Im on Day 10 of my re-start to shift my final bit of weight so will be watching how you get on to :)

N xx
Thanks Nathalie.

I've started doing the 1000kcal plan which has been ok so far but I keep wanting to eat things that I'm not allowed. On the way back from work last night I was talking myself out of stopping off at the supermarket to get some treats.

I have this overwhelming urge to eat all the things that have caused the weight gain in the first place. I didn't succumb to going to the supermarket, instead I went home and had my dinner. I know that I will feel like this everyday until its over but I have promised myself that I will not give in.

Here's to getting through one day at a time.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Jitterbug I know the feeling - I live a 2 minute walk from tescos and Im always thinking about popping and getting everything in sight and having a binge and then getting back on track tomorrow again.

But like you I know it's not worth it. However for the next few weeks I will keep having these thoughts every now and again but Im aware of it so its not a problem! We will be slim enough before you know it and that food will still be there! I'll be on the 790 plan though soon as only a few pounds away from being a healthy bmi!

Well done for getting throug today and sticking to the 1000 plan, I do think thats even more difficult than ss'ing as you have to have more self control!

:) N xx