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day 1

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Thats the right way to do it! Prove that you're made of tougher stuff than that. You got through day one and that's the way you have to do it -a day at a time until it begins to feel like second nature. WELL DONE!!


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:happy096: Well done for staying strong!!! keep it up over next couple of days & your be well on your way,good luck & remember we are here if you need support...caz xx


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Isn't it funny how "supportive" some friends are...well done for not giving in and good luck first week is tough but damn it is so worth it xx
Well done hun xxxxx first week is really hard:eatdrink017:, there's no denying that, second week not as hard:scale:, third week, as blackrose said, is second nature:party0019:!!! Stay strong, we know you can do it!!!
Ps :welcome: to the club xxxxxxx
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hi, this is my first day today.... well done to you turning your friend down and boooooo to your friend for not being supportive. hope you gave her a piece of your mind! anyhoo good luck and loadsa support coming your way from me

lyndsey x
Well done and keep it up! Take each day as it comes and relish in every sucessful one.

Good luck to you and everyone else just starting out on your LT journey, you will be feeling fantasic in no time at all.
Welcome everyone and well done for stayong strong, I have been in many situations meetings with free lunch, girlie days at friends with mountains of goodies but explained to everyone what I was doing and Im glad to say they are really supportive and never tried to force anything on me and I am proud to say 5 weeks and not cheated once!!!
It does get easier to turn these things down but I refuse to hide away from I just because I am on a diet I need to prove to myself that I can be in that situation and still refuse x If I can do it anyone can xx
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Ha all, I finally started LT today, just did my first choco shake ewww:eek:, really was'nt that bad, i drank loads between mouthfulls of the sawdust and made it. Now only 13 more to go this week, i'll hack that hopefully and let y'all know how its going
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well done you and shame on your friend to try and persuade ya. She should be supporting ya if she knows ya are on a diet so well done for your motivation. All the best with your wi, take care
I agree with Denajane, just get out there, don't hide with the shakes & let them all get on with trying to tempt you!! We're made of strong stuff here lol!