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i am on day one today it was going realy well up until now i have got bad hunger pains stomach is grumbling like mad and feel weak:( , i am hoping it will pass soon:(.

It is my first day too and I can sympathise with the hunger - I have just had my second shake and wondering how I will manage with just soup for dinner :eek: I think I may have an early night tonight so I can sleep through the hunger.

On a plus point - I have already drunk more than 3 litres (and made lots of trips to the loo)

I hope you are feeling better soon - I was told by my CDC that the hunger will pass, so fingers crossed :)

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Day 1 can be very tough...

On one hand you are nearly half way through it:rolleyes: So you have achieved that much and if you can get to bed early tonight that will really help.

Splitting up your packs and be sure to drink your water.

If you have not cut down on carbs before starting your diet the withdrawal from carbs is very uncomfortable but it will pass and once your in ketosis the diet does become that much easier.

Try to hang in there... for it is one day at a time.

Love Mini xxx
I'll 2nd that. It is hard and feels like the worst thing in the world (well almost) but it will pass. Try more water, and get on the arcade games on here, that passes the time!

You will be in ketosis in no time and won't be feeling physically hungry anymore. Good Luck, it will soon be your first weigh in and you'll reap the rewards.
Thanks for all ur replies guys, i am muddling thro it, rite now i am cooking and its doing my head in the smell of the cooking is killing me :( but i will not let it get to me as i am going to to do this and try not to think about eating.

I wanted to ask is it ok to have coke zero?? i think i did read it a while back that is was ok to have just want to double check.

thanks alot again

Love Ali
Hi Ali

Having to cook is a major bummer (me and 2 y/o are negotiating dinner as we speak!). Coke zero - only after you are well into ketosis, keep it to a minimum, and be aware it can kick off cravings.
good luck sweetie, I am back on day 1 as well and I know the feeling keep at it..................
kim x
The first few days are hard work but keep at it as it does get so much easier.

I am on day 11 now and can honestly say I am not hungry.:)