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day 1

Hi - glad to hear it's going well, day one is usually the hardest! I'm only on day 2 but feel fine, yesterday was good and I really enjoyed my shakes and food and was only a wee bit hungry at bed-time.

Today's been good too, shake and small orange for breakfast, shake at lunch and I've just had a small tin of tuna in spring water with loads of salad and a little dollop of mayo - very filling! Dinner is late tonight (kids have various things on tonight), so it'll be around 8.30pm and I'm looking forward to a pork stir-fry! By the way, looooooving the banana shake I had for breakie - yummy!

Keep up the good work and positive attitude hun! xx
:DHi Guys Thankyou for your support means alot.
Got through day 1 yey so pleased as its a mentally hard day isnt it.
I am hungry but just going to have my 1st shake Banana as suggested ;O) xxx
Great to hear you go through day 1 intact! I found day 2 much the same as 1, but I'm happy and not too hungry and glad the shakes are nice! x


Eloquent hooligan
It's all about getting into a groove with it :) Good luck :D x
hi my name is nikki i have tried a million diets, but i started celeb slim today, i didnt eat any breakfast but i bought the starter pack at luch so got in had a shake and had another for dinner, they are yum..trying to drink the water lol...did a work out..my bmi is telling me im almost obese i need to lose three stone. im only 5ft1 and 10st10. so every seven days im going to go to the chemist for my weekly weigh in and see how it goes. how has everyone been finding it?
Hi Nikki - welcome! I'm only on day 3 and I'm finding it fine and the shakes have been yummy so far. Not any more hungry than I was before starting the diet, so that's good! Peeing for Britain at the moment, but that's a good sign and feeling a bit tired today but that could be a number of things and not necessarily CS.

I'm petite too, 5ft, but only looking to go down to 9st (bmi 24/25, so 2 stone loss for me), it's the weight I was in my early 20s, before kids etc., and I was a happy size 10-12. I can't imagine being 7s 10lb, which is still a healthy weight for our height, but who knows, maybe one day I'll get below 9s - I just need to see what I look like at that weight then decide to stick or lose a bit more!

Good luck in losing the 3 stone, we're all here to spur you on and help each other - keep us posted hun x
thanks! i am peeing lots also, just found myself very hungry so ate a dairylea triangle lol will start properly tommorow so far ive just had 2 shakes over a litre of water and the cheese, i also have two daughters and my eldest is helping me work out bless her
roll on tommorow! lets do this!!!
i hope im this possitive tommorow and the coming dayz/weeks
Started today. Enjoyed a strawberry shake for breakfast. I have a sweet tooth so that was a lovely breakfast. Tangerine for snack, berry fudge bar for mid day meal, again nice and sweet. Tuna and tomatoes at night, The only thing I am missing is lots of cups of coffee, have to force myself to drink lots of water. Keep up the good work to all fellow celebrity slim dieters.
Hi Kathleen and welcome.

You can have upto 3 teas or coffees a day with milk if that helps.

Good luck.
I usually have about 10 cups a day so just drinking 3 is not easy. I seem to permanately have a bottle of water in my hand. So far I have not felt hungry. Long may it last