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Day 1!!!

Well ive started! and im starving! my appointment was at 11am and I never ate anything before I went so ive just got in and im sooo hungry, so im just half way through the chicken soup, appreciating every mouthful and i think its quite nice actually, like a cup-a-soup lol! I really want to do this so I hope I stick to it! Worrying about the water intake, the lady told me I need to be taking in 4 and a half litres a day, on top of the shakes! Going to keep myself busy today moving house tomorrow, hopefully before I notice the hunger will be gone and ill be in ketosis haha!
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It's 4 pints!!! Jeez- you'd be flushed out if it was that much water! LOL!
It's hard, I thought I drank a lot of water, but until I actually started 'having' to have 4 pints it's been difficult. I have to have a pint of water beside me at all times to make sure I get at least 6pints in (my personal target!)
I love the soup too. I can only have the shakes with lots of ice (like melted ice-cream!)- they're a bit sickly hot I find?


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Yeah minimum is 2ltrs - but i drink 4.5ltrs so the more the better :)

welcome and good luck :D x
Hi There,

I am on day one Lipo trim as well! I have had one shake this morning and I too am starving! Maybe we should keep in touch over the next few months as we are starting together...... spur each other on......

I have 4 stone to loose, I am dreading the summer : ( but we could both be looking better and feeing better soon I hope.

Good luck

C. xx


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Day 1 for me too, I am just about to have my first shake so for todays menu it will have to be Strawberry for lunch, chicken soup with cajun blackened pepper for tea and chocolate with peppermint essence for supper (that is sounding pretty good to me as I too am getting pretty hungry).

Good luck with day 1 girls we will soon be in ketosis.

Jo x
yeah deffinatly stay in touch! need all the 'spuring on' i can get ha! im trying to hold out for my 2nd sachet as long as possible. im sooo hungry, just been to the supermarket for water too and had to rush out because of the lovelyyy smell of fresh bread! x
Welcome and good luck to all you new lipotrimmers. Just get the first few days over with and you will love lipotrim.
I usually drink 3 litres of water a day plus shakes and teas and coffees.


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I know they say 4pints as a minimum but the week I drank that little my loss sucked!!! (wk5) I seem to need about 4lts personally.

Best of luck with your 1st week everyone! xx


Here we go again!
Good luck to all of you newbies! Just get through the first week and that first weigh in will really spur you on. I usually have 3 and half litres of water a day plus coffee and shakes. Do try to have more than 4 pints though, the more water I drink the more weight does come off. You find yourself quite thirsty for water once on this.

Good luck and keep posting and asking questions, cos there's always someone here to help.

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