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day 1 :)

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by sxcbum, 10 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. sxcbum

    sxcbum Active Member

    Breakfast - muesli, 1 banana & skimmed milk
    Lunch - macaroni cheese & peas, 1 apple
    Dinner - prawn salad & 2 slices of garlic bread, 1 orange

    any naughties in there? i cant spot any personally.. the garlic bread were low fat from tesco's & so was the macaroni cheese btw x
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  3. sxcbum

    sxcbum Active Member

    ok so today i decided to get some extra exercise in; a bike ride. but instead of going on my own i thought id take the 3 dogs too, for a new experience for them. all was going well until we turned a corner and saw a group of kids i know from college so we all exchanged "hi's" from across the street. my dogs bein playful 1 year olds (big solid labradors) ran over to them, taking me and the bike with them. omg so embarrising, will try again tomorrow i think, try & get them trained..
  4. sxcbum

    sxcbum Active Member

    oh shiz ii forgot to say, i can fit in my size 14 trousers now & there baggy XD im chuffed, haha wanna be down to a size 8/10 though ;)
  5. sxcbum

    sxcbum Active Member

    Breakfast - none woke up late
    Lunch - 1 orange & a salad with 2 peices garlic bread
    Dinner - salad, turkey thing in bread crumbs & homemade chips

    1 hour walk & 3 x times round the block on bike.
  6. sxcbum

    sxcbum Active Member

    also had 2 slices toast with a load of jam on (39 cals a spoonful & i had about 50 spoonfuls, dont know what came over me lol), omg i feel guilty now..

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