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Day 10 and eurgh


Welll Im on day ten and have been doing really well. No hunger pangs, headaches or anything!

However since about yesterday morning Ive been feeling really sick. The smell of the shakes is making it worse and im barely managing to force them down!

My water intake is perfect so i know its not down to that.

Any suggestions anyone as I really want to stick to this diet but at the minute I feel so bad I might not have any choice.
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When I first did the diet 10yrs ago I was on it for several months. I found it really difficult.

When I have the shakes, I have to have the water freezing cold, and just get them down in one go otherwise I won't drink it.
I also found that eating ice helped lols. Sounds stupid, but I would watch TV and have a class of ice and eat it, I missed putting something in my mouth.
try them as mousse's the recipe is on the bag the pharmacy should have given you, you jus add less water 2 fluid ounces i believe
I know exactly what you mean! I'm the same (on day 11) feeling so sick and really forcing shakes down, the one this morning i think i just managed to get 2/3rds of it down and had to leave it! I thought it was just me!! I've no idea what to do??!


Back on the diet train...
hey hun i went thru this is does pass tho, u just av 2 breathe thru ur mouth :) then try drinkin the shakes thru a straw, works 4 me an av water next to u, 4 every gulp of shake av sum water.

i also ad a bad tummy an felt horrid but i carried on an it went an now i feel great. :D

hope u feel better soon. good luck




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I have always diluted mine down more...I mix mine with just under 1 pint of water ...as if made up to the way it says on the bag is just not drinkable for me...also the water has to be chilled in the fridge too.

I also thought it would be a nightmare to go on for as long as I needed too but believe me you will get used to the flavour......I loved them and actually missed them when I had came off the diet .....hard to believe right now....xx


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Yep i agree that having more water may help. I felt like that for the first few days then made the shakes not as thick and have been fine since.
Hope it works or the feeling passes.
Good luck hun
Today ive distracted myself with cleaning and stuff and a bit of exercising and I feel better. Hopefully this was just a blip and ill be back to my usual motivated self

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