Day 11 blues?


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About day 5 or 6 I suddenly felt my self lift completely and felt fantastic... I wasnt hungry, had loads of energy, had a brilliant week one weight loss and was so motivated and positive....

today I am coming to the end of day 11 and I seem to be crashing completely... grumpy, headachy, fed up.....

I have done nothing different, Ive been 100%, spacing out my packs, drinking plenty of water... so Im pretty sure that I havent taken myself out of Ketosis or anything... I can't think of a reason for feeling like this?

anyone else experienced anything similar on the second week?
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Yes, totally. I think it's quite normal as your body adjusts. You get into ketosis and feel amazing and do all sorts of stuff with the energy spurt, then your body goes "what's happening!" and you rollercoaster back the other way for a couple of days, nothing to worry about. I often find that I've not drunk enough, and particularly enough coffee (that's an addiction for another day!) when I get headachy in the afternoon, but it's often followed by a huge energy surge in the evening - it's great, my ironing pile has never been so small!


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yeah, ketosis is better than the pain leading up to it, but its not plain sailing by any means! unfortunately :[
sometimes when Im feeling particularly rough I generally am in need of; my next pack/a massive drink of water/cuppa/some salt/nap/snuggle on sofa.


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I had boundless energy and wasnt hungry from days 1-4 5 hit and ive been the i was so tired i had a nap! I suppose its the highs and the lows. Just know you will come back out of it :)


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S: 18st10lb C: 13st9.5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 5st0.5lb(26.91%)
Thanks ladies... That makes me feel better already! :) Xx


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my first few attempts with CD I crumbled days 10 or 11 and ended up eating ...wierd innit!