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Day 12 and I ate!

I went to lunch with a close friend today. I was not happy about sitting there not eating so decided to eat....but surprised myself by ordering the special salad. It was huge and looked so colourful. I ate a tomato, some lettuce, onion, prawns, and cucumber and a tiny handful of grated cheese. No dressing. My friend sat there with steak and ale pie with mashed potato and my daughter had fish n chips (Which she hardly touched) and I wanted to eat it for her, but didn't! (I normally would!) No dessert (I normally would) So what is the penalty for me do you think? Why do I feel so guilty.....I ate a healthy meal for the first time in my life and it was blooming tasty! :confused: Back on the shakes tonight though. Oh forgot to say, the salad was so huge I couldn't eat it all (I normally eat everything cos I don't like seeing leftovers)
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That wasn't too bad mate definitely you will be back on ketosis in 3-4 days
OMG 3-4 days thats like a lifetime :( I really wanted to say no to lunch, but I had already turned her down a few weeks ago! Luckily for me eating out isnt something I do on a regular basis.


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why dont you tell your friends you are on this diet and then think of something else to do rather than go for lunch :D
My friends know, and this friend was quite happy for me to sit there and eat nothing whilst she tucked into hers - I just failed :( But hey I have to look on the bright side and think I have already lost 9lb and eating one salad is not going to make me put 9lb back on eh? Whats done is done.


I will be skinny again!!!
You should be ok!

But just be careful... I think eating can be a slippery slope and before you know it your off LT and back to your old ways
i would say everything apart from the cheese is ok.. i had to eat yesterday and had prawns a tiny bit of chicken some lettuce and a few slices of pepper.... i am still in ketosis.. cheese is a defo no no, even after the diet tho!!! get back on the gravy train and leave it all behind you xxx


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doesnt cheese keep you in ketosis???
you are allowed it on atkins ...
wouldn't of had cheese personally just cos of the fat content

anyway get straight back on and forget about it
Hi guys, well eating didn't knock me off, I still drank lots of water and had my shakes yesterday. Thinking I will probably not hit the 3lb mark loss this week though :( How do you know when you are in ketosis, do you use strips, or just go by your smelly breath LOL?

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