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Day 13ers (and all others)


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OMG it will be two weeks tomorrow i didn't think it would go so fast :wow:

i am doing ok getting a bit bored of it but i am not letting it get to me.

i tried cooking a food pack and make a muffin and it was yucky so thats the end of that lol.

so still 100% still necking the water and i am good.

hope you guys are all doing ok we are getting there its not easy but we are doing it :grouphugg:.
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I am bored too now Kerry, I sat in the staffroom tonight and for the first time I really was bored of thinking what to have for dinner.
Everything I thought of made me just think "yawn". But, I will be seeing my cdc tomorrow and will buy bars and water flavouring, so at least that is a bonus. I made toast this morning for the kids and it really hit me just how much I like bread. Crusty white bread (sorry), made me very annoyed.
Still 100% though, and people still being very complimentary.


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no don't say sorry i am the same making the kids dinner but i didn't we have to remember its not forever.

my hubby and kids are so proud of me for doing it so i can't let them down now.

so if we can do 13 day 100% i am sure we can carry on


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cheers molly we will be ok we will not eat the food lol xx


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wow a week under your belt.. Iam dreading the 1st 3 days as I know there the worst so shall be on here mithering the life out of you all for support and tips :)


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thats what got me through the first three days and the rest lol
Hi Ladies. I feel really boared too and am so tempted to give up :( I miss my food soo much! Maybe I'm just on a downer?

I was making my son jam sandwiches today and too thougth just how much I love and miss bread, oh and cheese!

I won't give up though I'll just plod on until I get to at least 2 stone as I know if I give up I will not have the will power to diet whilst eating food.

Looking forward to the WI tomorrow even though it is TOTM. I hope to have lost a bit so that spurs me on for the next week.

Good luck with everyone and let us know how your 2nd WI goes.



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no stick with us think of the long term when i am feeling down i look at the before and after pictures they really help me to see what we can do on this diet
... I love and miss bread, oh and cheese!
Me too. I have started to freeze bread so that I can't pinch a slice. Luckily kids like it toasted!

I took myself off to bed tonight because I was feeling tempted to cheat. :eek:

(I am on Day 10 SS and just keep reminding myself that food will always be there AFTER the diet)


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i miss it all sooooooo much and it kills me when making the dinner but why did we start this????
i want to lose weight and look better feel better ect

so come on lets keep plooding on and the bread will still be there when we have finished.
Exactly. We cannot give in. We want to lose weight and no-one can make us do it except ourselves. We just have to deal with the cravings and keep focussed. Its not easy but who said it was going to be? It is going to be worth it.


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indeed but this is what we come on here for
so lets keep each other going
Went to bed after my last post just to get out of the way. kerryberry, where do you find the before and after pics from?


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you can see loads on the slide show on the top blue tab bar or on peoples profiles

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