Day 14 and really struggeled


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:cry: Day 14 and I have really struggeled today and feel eally sad and down :confused:

I have had no problems at all from day 1 but today I had to resist just a little bit of bread or somthing,I actually took myself out for a walk as I'm so determind to do it .

I hope theese days don't get more frequant the long you are on SS :cry:

No real point to this post but just wanted to moan to some one really

Sonya x(whos off for a bath and an early night to wellow in self pity :( )
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Hiya Sonia, they dont get any more frequest, just the odd one now and again so dont fret, best thing for a day like today is a cup of hot water with flavourings, bath book and sleep, tomorrow is another day and you will feel so good as you got through this one x


I feel the urge to reasure you. You need a jolly good clap on the back for not caving in. And there is every point to a moan on a bad day. I'm really a novice at this & much less qualified to comment than virtually everyone else,but I found it tough at about 2 weeks too. Iremember 1 evening standing with my back against the fridge, it was the only position I could think of to prevent me from breaking in to it.Then for one brief second of madness I glanced down at our shabby old kitchen table wanted to have a chew at the corner. I couldn't have managed many more bizarre moments like that ,but they have all gone away & I feel great.
You're past the WILL get easier---really.