Day 15 CRISIS!!!

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  1. claireLLT

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    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum I started LLT on 9th May. Did the diet 4 years ago and lost 41/2 stone but have put 2 back on in that time. Am on day 15 and have lost 12 pounds and have stuck to it totally. Trouble is it's my birthday today, have had my parents here and watched them and the kids tuck into my birthday cake which Mum bought me and I sat and watched (not a problem at all) trouble is I desperately desperately want to have a few glasses of wine tonight! Drink has been a major part of my weight gain and as soon as I have a drink I just want to eat! Part of me is saying "have a drink but not to much" and the other part is saying "how weak are you!" but my mind is more or less made up, have a drink tonight and start back on the straight and narrow tomorrow?
    I just wondered if anyone else has ever had this sort of situation and how they dealt with it?
    Claire xx
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  3. emz449

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    hi claire, i have dealt with this soooo much having been a very big drinker at uni and when with my home friends, ive just restarted the plan about 3 weeks ago (lost 18lbs now :D) i would say the best thing would be not to go there! i did it once and had a few vodkas with coke zero and the result was not good! felt really very ill and extremely drunk and just generally felt like i wasnt in my own body if that doesnt sound weird! REALLY put me off doing it again! i do feel your pain though it was my birthday two weeks ago!
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    Still looking for the one !
    Drinking is dangerous when in Ketosis as the body does not have the glycogen to deal with it, so best avoided.

    If you are planning to drink, put some carbs in your body first so you dont get ill. Best plan avoid the alcohol. Sorry x
  5. Blonde Logic

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    I agree with Clarabow. This diet is a "mission". You will only get the best results if you follow it 100%.

    There will be other birthday celebrations. ;) :)

    Knowing how alcohol makes you want to eat, I would just give it a miss or you are surely be setting yourself up for self-sabotage.

    Good luck and happy birthday! :)
  6. Claire_Williams

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    Hi Claire

    Like Emz I've had disastrous results after a slight deviation to have a drink - both in terms of being very ill as my body couldn't cope and for my losses that week (ie. 3lb gain!). I like to try and trick my mind by having soda water with flavouring in a large wine glass followed by several more.

    However you handled it honey I'm sure it was a well thought out decision and you'll now be back on track if you did have one or two. Hope you had a great birthday! xxx
  7. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Hello ClaireLLT,
    I'm interested to know how you got on. Did you decide to allow yourself to drink on you birthday. How did you feel either way?
    You chose your name on here to include LLT. In my experience TOTAL is the only way this programme really works. If you start allowing yourself lapses it's a slippery slope.
    I hope you are continuing to do well. You know LL works, you've done it before.
  8. claireLLT

    claireLLT Member

    Hi everyone, thanks for the replies sorry it's taken me a while to get back (still recovering from the bottle of wine I drank!) On a serious note I did weaken and had almost a whole bottle of wine over the evening and then had the awful reaction of being violently sick! I also felt very spaced out and not really with it, which wasn't a good feeling, and to make matters worse I also had a few scooby snacks as I call them. On the good side no damage was done as I still lost 4lb that week but more importantly I've learnt my lesson, drink just isn't worth it! So forwards and onwards. I've done three weeks now on LLT so not going to spoil that for anything.
    Thanks again for the replies.
    Claire xx
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