Day 15..not feeling too good...


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Hey mate

Might not be the diet - it might be one of those horrid leurgies that are doing the rounds. Lots of liquid, rest, and try to stay warm - you'll get through.


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Ive never thought the 1st week was the worst. Hope and novelty get me through that. The craving will stop, just your brain beginning to realise its getting no niceities. Keep glugging the water, hot if you can to keep the chills away and keep busy. Youll be good.


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Hi Jenna

When i get cravings i try to think of that stop smoking ad on telly where the woman is walking down the street and kicking the cigs down. I've lost it ....i know, but it gives me strength.:eek:

As for feeling cold: put fire on full, heating on full, nice warm bath and then get wrapped up. or stay cold and think ha ha if i'm cold my body is using more calories to try to warm me up!;)

Chin up hun, it will be worth it in the end and you will probably feel much better again in a few days.

Christina x


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you girls are sweethearts...;)

just craving a nice and simple sandwich believe it or not...ah well...:cry:

hope my mood will get better soon. :(

thank you :)

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oooo nyou poor love , theres nothing worse !!!!
i still have days where i fel soooocrap but they have n impact now at all because i control my thoughts and feelings , i choose not to let them ruin my high , i jut think oo i need a treat , and ten i run a scorching bath ( ooo might need to do that :eek: ) put on my increasingly large jammies and sit infron of my fire , give hubby my sa eyes unil he makes me a yummy ll hot chocolate , works every time ,endulge every sense hon , linger in the bath , put on your smellies and treat yourself well , this doesnt eed to be foo or drink but , time and love for you ( ooo so deep !!!:D ) bt true enough , i tell you my idea of a treat is soooo different now , i lay there smiling imagining how i will look when i go buy my new wardrobe in a stones time :D :D :D
felling bad physically is not something we can do much about but how we choose to let it effect us makes all the difference. p.s i have cold hands and feet all the time now .......but my waist is 14 inches smaller !!!!!!!:D :D :D


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I Jenna, hope your feeling better, i have the heating on constant as i've been frozen!! hope your feeling better now.


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you sweethearts!!!! thank youuu

yes im feeling better and now seeing the light again. just came from pilates class..and it feels good..

so i guess im on track again...

it aint easy.....well nothing is...

big kiss to all (on the cheek)