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Day 160 - Va va va voom, my lovely skin and the power of writing it down


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
This time last year - just after doing the Paul McKenna seminar at the beginning of July, determined to succeed, I ripped a picture of Catherine Zeta Jones in a beautiful slinky evening gown out of a magazine and glued it into the middle of a page. I set myself a realistic goal to get to 10 stone by my half birthday (the queen has two birthdays so I get two as well, thank you) this year. August 12th to be precise. I wrote out the affirmation on the piece of paper - 'By August 12th 2007 I will weigh less than 10 stone' - and I stuck to to the radiator by the side of my bed so I wold see it every day.

Now to a hardened Lighter Lifer like myself that now sounds a bit pessimistic, but you have to remember at that stage I was looking to do this the Paul Mc way so I had to be a bit more realistic. I hadn't even heard of Lighter Life at that stage!

Predictably I lost a stone or so before getting bored/depressed and then put on more and more weight until the big turning point last November. I have a feeling I still have my affirmation and picture somewhere but I did put it to one side when I packed up to move and scoffed at my stupid optimism. But today my thoughts keep going back to that piece of paper. I really believed it when I wrote it - I didn't know that the actual journey to being less than 10 stone would be quite the one I took, but I was spookily accurate to within a matter of days at this rate!

So any wobbles I may have in the trying times leading up to management must be squashed, because that magic piece of paper subconsciously must have focused me enough to blimming well get there in the end and more than anything I can't wait to see the smile on my face when I know that that little dream has come true. After all - if that one came true against all the odds, just imagine what else I could write on a piece of paper and get in just over a year?

Also - can you imagine how amazing it feels to have 38 inch boobs after getting up to 53 inch ones at the beginning of this year? As of today I now have a slimmer waist than when I was 14. I feel amazing! I've written up a few of the wobbles I had today and I feel like I am becoming so much more of an adult about the way I deal with crises that would have send me head first into a binge.

I've dropped half an inch off most of my bits in the last 10 days, and yet my scales have barely budged this week. I am becoming a slim woman, I really am.

My tummy paunch has even perked up again (I know I keep mentioning this, but so many people are curious about the saggy skin after big losses that I feel it's my duty to keep you updated on a day to day basis!) and I can see that I may be left with a slight crepiness there, but certainly no apron once the last few pounds have gone. I even think as long as I don't dance with my arms above my head that I may even have escaped the bingo wings and can happily wear vests and strapless evening dresses. There is hope! (I wouldn't even say I have particularly good elastic skin genes because my (skinny) mum had a tummy sag at my age after having all of us) I was born with that white stuff (not had babies myself so I don't know the proper name for it) all over me that the midwife said was amazing for skin - so maybe that's something to do with it!

Also my hair is in the best condition ever. I must have been eating absolute crap when I was on real food!
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Just one day at a time
WOW Sarah,
This is truly inspirational. Well done. I will definitely be reading you blog. Thank you.

Well done you! One of the wonderful things here is seeing people blossom! Those goals that once seemed impossible become reality and self esteem rockets. With all these years we've had feeling crappy we're right to make up for lost time! Go girl & keep posting! Did you pst the ics of the tumy by the way...there was discussion on a thread but cant find it! Just wondered! No pressure!! Looking fab by the way & keep up the good work!


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)

There y'go - it has my before (after losing my first stone - so it was worse!) tummy and my tummy from 3 weeks ago. My now tummy is flatter but a bit more wrinkly (with less of an overhang!) but is now too small for those bikini bottoms. I'm just off to read what I think is good news about your LL journey. Look at us go!

Mrs Lard

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Dear Sarah

Beautifully written. Beautifully put - poignant and poetic. I am really struggling at the moment, particularly on the skin front, which I really have not come to terms with (will blog with my news later) but this has spurred me on:

"After all - if that one came true against all the odds, just imagine what else I could write on a piece of paper and get in just over a year?"

What indeed?

The world really is your oyster - sorry to mention food! Couldn't think of a strong enough expression.

In awe. And admiration.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
I was debating whether my first protein meal would be 3 oysters when I start management - but they just won't be the same without the white wine (and the green tabasco!).

I was just thinking Mrs. L, about your dream that you're working towards at the moment...I truly hope that what you want in just over a year comes just as true.

Mrs Lard

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Just took a sneaky peek (should be working) at your blog; you've recently added so much! Well done - shall really look forward to reading it.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for posting the piccies. V brave of you but appreciate the sharing!! I have to say your tummy is smaller than mine in the before!! Mine's vast!! Even after 3 stone loss its still bloody massive! Just tryig not to get hung up and seriously debating whether to apply for how to look good naked! My tummy also looks alot more wrinkled than yours! (nahnahnahnah na!!) but suspect I have more streatch marks (no babies!). Soooo well done for sticking to plan on hol! Off to catch up on blogs...been so tired (2 6 day weeks) that am behind!! Hugs all!

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