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Day 2 - advice

Hi all,

I am new and on day 2. Yesterday was ok until late evening when i had a very bad headache and felt sick but i just went to bed.

Today I still have the headache and feel quite sick:cry::eek: - is this normal?

I really want to make this work and stick at it but a guide to how soon I will feel a bit better would be helpful please!

Also does anyone know if Diet coke is ok to drink?


Jill :)
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Mrs Roch

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Jill this is quite normal - I'm sure you're get lots of post responding from other CDers.

I hope SophiaJo reads and responds as she felt terrible during the whole of her first week but she stuck it out and lost and incredible 12lbs in her first week.

I don't think there's any cure for these feelings but just do keep drinking the water as this will flush out any toxins in your body.. try and drink at least 2.5 or 3L a day and you will soon build this up to 4 / 4.5L..

Also, listen to your body, if you're body's telling you to rest try and find some time to rest - don't push yourself..

Hope this helps and good luck.

Keep posting and let us know how you get on this week - join the daily thread, it will keep you motivated.. :)
I agree, its prefectly normal. Its tough but in a few days will settle down. It takes a while for your body to adjust & you often get carb & caffeine withdrawal too. Most people are feeling better by day 4. Hope you feel better soon!

Diet coke is out I'm afraid but some people do have coke zero occassionally as it doesn't contain citric acid.
Hope you feel better soon, it will all pass, sending hugs x x


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Good luck, it is worth getting through the pain barrier, your week one weight in will spur you on.


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I felt awful the first few days, i was close to giving up i felt so bad. It does pass though, once your in ketosis you should feel alot better. I was in ketosis by day 3 and by day 4 i felt ok and have done pretty much since. Good luck, stick with it and you will be so pleased you have when you get weighed :)
Thanks all for your advice. I am feeling a little better now and just trying to get through the pain barrier.

Will stick with it and let you know how it goes on tuesday!



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You can take paracetamol etc if that helps.

Drink plenty of water - and for some people splitting their packs in half and having 6 mini drinks helps as you are releasing food into the blood stream more regularly.

You should be feeling better by day 4 and great by next week.


I can do this.
it really will pass,it took a week for me but people are differantand, hope u feel better soon.


I want to be slim !!
This is my second time at CD.. the first time i stuck at it for 7 weeks and lost 2 1/2 stone..

:doh: sadly i was really stupid and gained 1 1/2 back on in 9 months..

I too suffer from headaches and my only advice is :tear_drop:DRINK :tear_drop:DRINK :tear_drop:DRINK..!!

Im now on day 5 of my restart and its weigh day tomorrow,

Keep posting as you will get loads of help and advice on here..

Good luck in your CD journey..

:vibes:sending you good vibes..

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