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Day 2- And already struggling!

Please inspire me.
I've woken up on Day 2 of the plan with a terrible headache and feeling really shaky/flu like.
I'm at work at the moment but going to have to go home as soon as some's in to cover for me.
How long do you think that it will take for me to start feeling a bit better?
I'm going to have to try and force a foodpack down shortly, but so worried its going to make me sick!
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Happily pro pointing!
Hi Kate
This usually only lasts a couple of days, for me I only felt rough for one day.
If you don't think you can manage a foodpack, either wait a bit or have half.
We all go through this, I promise it will get better and then you will feel great. Have you got a pop in this week? If so, you will be amazed that you have lost weight already and it is so worth it.
Take a couple of paracetamol when you have your pack. Not sure if everyone is the same, but nurofen or ibuprofen make me sick if I take them on an empty stomach, whereas paracetamol don't.
You will be fine :hug99:
Thanks for the support Ali. I'm hoping I feel better really soon. I know the end results will be worth it. My LLC said that she often had her milkshakes hot and they were nice.....sipping on a 1/2 pack of hot banana as we speak, it's actually quite nice.

We do have a pop in tomorrow lunchtime but I can't make to do to work commitments....going to have a cheeky weigh in on my scales at home, know you aren't really suppose to do it but now that the weight loss will inspire me!

You have some fantastic weight losses.....well done!

Kate x

Deb G

Silver Member
I woke up the morning of day 4 feeling fab. The first 2-3 days are hard - but keep yourself busy and concentrate on your goals. I never thought I'd make it through the first week, and look at me now!
Hi hun ss you are feeling so bad .
I am doing cd but you do get the same couple of days (headachy bit blrrrrrr) I think you may need to up your water I find that water by my bed all night to sip has stopped the head aches I now have 5/6 litres a day.Also in the first week I have couple of paracetomol when I woke up took away the problem .So water water and more water xxxxxFor anyone just thinking of starting a VLCD start drinking more water now .
Hi Kate,

Make sure you look after yourself. Take paracetomol and keep warm. You will be ok end the end even though it is a struggle now.

Hi, sorry to hear you are feeling rough, I started a week ago and my first few days were awful with migraines and nausea but it does get better! Sometimes the best thing to do is just bury your head under the duvet and sleep! I would also say get to see your councillor some time this week if you possibly can, I know on my first week if I had not seen my councillor / other members I would have given up before day 7.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon :)
Thank you ladies for all your kind words, you’ll all done so well in your weight losses and good to know that this is normal and I’ll be feeling better soon!

Can’t wait for wwek 1 WI now!
it will defo pass- by day 5 i was running up flights of stairs without even realising it!!
stick with it i promise its worth it =]
hey kate im on my second day as well and i am actually feeling better than i thought i would be. Have you tried making the shakes in to a think moose i found this so easy to eat?

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