Day 2.....and I'm in ketosis already! shock


I decided to do a ketosix thing this morning, and It went a lovely shade of rose pink yay !! (it was the third colour along)
I wasn't expecting it yet, so maybe the hunger yesterday meant I was using up stored food.
I havn't really felt too ravenous this morning, and just having my first shake now- Its vanilla and yummy!
My tummy is flatter- prob due to water loss, but the scales say I'm 2 1/2 lbs down too yay!:)

Got a bit of a headache still, and a bit jittery, but also feel quite hyper- I almost jogged home from school with the buggy!

I feel alot more determined today, I did have a sniff of the buttered toast I made for the children, but wasn't tempted to nibble it !

Right I'm going to put this energy into some housework !!
Thanks Linda, I've been adding more water than it says to, and this makes it seem like alot more to drink/eat.
It felt like I was having a really big naughty milkshake,which was nice!
Remember the feeling of hunger and thirst are the same in the first stages, always if feeling hungry have a large glass of water as it may just be your body asking for fluid not food.

If you feel thirsty you are already dehydrating.

This is a good habit to get into when you get into maintenance always have large glass of water 20mins before a meal and you will eat less.

Wow that's fantastic! Bet you make a 7lb loss this week! ;)

All great advice you've had already!

Keep up your great work.. the headaches will pass, this'll be withdrawl from carbs/sugar and possibly caffeine if your a tea or coffee person.
Don't forget you can take a painkiller if needed.. I remember how bad they can be from my start on atkins.
Well done on getting into ketosis so fast it makes it so much easier,i myself usually get into ketosis by day 2 depending on how many carbs i have eaten before i started ssing.
this time i have cut out my carbs over the weekend so hopefully i will get into ketosis easier.
Hope u have a good day,keep up the good work xxx
Thanks :)
Ive made a great discovery ( well for me!) For lunch i've had 1/2 sachet spicy tomato soup, followed by 1/2 a sachet of chocolate!
So I feel like Ive had a lunch with pudding now! :D