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day 2 and I've been tested to the limit!!!

well, I'm really proud of myself! last night (on my first day of ss) I went to gala bingo with some freinds. now I usually have some chips or something for my tea when I'm there.. but I resisted! even though the smell was wafting my way!! then today I took my elderly gran out food shopping. when we go out we stop off at a local garden centre to have a quick look around and some lunch. I had to make the excuse that I really really wasn't hungry (she would really dissaprove if I told her I was doing cd) and I sat there with a pot of tea and glass of water whilst she had a lovely Sunday lunch. THEN I had to do a shopping trip round tesco. I'm afraid that my poor hubby may become a victim of me feeding him up! I bought lots of nice bits for him, partly I think because I feel a bit mean for not being able to eat properly with him.partly I feel like I'm living my food through him (if that makes sense).
anyway just wanted to share my 'nightmare' weekend with you! oh well, at least it all bodes well for my first weigh in next Saturday. just hope my will power will stand the next test xx
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AND, why does every other advert on tv seem to be about food?!!!! arghhhh. it's enough to make s grown woman cry! lol


Cambridge Consultant
Its like food porn isn't it! lol.

You are doing fabulously, well done and keep it up! If nothing else it shows how strong you actually are. Let that motivate you ;)


Perseverance is key
Keep up the good work hun :) I start CD on Tuesday and im really excited but quite anxious! lol xx
thanks guys. and good luck lea. I'm sure it will all go great for you x


please try again
lol i buy stuff i would like or bake it and then as he eats im sat asking what its like, lol
have no desire to try it for myself but i just have to know if its good
AND, why does every other advert on tv seem to be about food?!!!! arghhhh. it's enough to make s grown woman cry! lol
I just notice everyone around me eating... constantly ;)


Bring on the trumpets
Don't watch 'Come dine with me' either in the first couple of weeks....it's torture :D
I know what you mean about feeding up the OH haha!! Andreas is loving me being on CD haha. I cooked him two cakes last week and made him pancakes with melted chocolate. I am cooking him wonderful meals every night ... urm soon he might be on CD himself haha!! The adverts on tv make me so hungry (in my head) but ya cant seem to get away from them lol. You did fab yesterday hun keep up the good work and you will be there in no time <3 xxx


hoping for a good loss
Well done on staying strong, thats fanastic. Keep it up hun.

I too cook lots and love buying naughties for my husband lol.

Found I was noticing food on every channel on tv and everywhere for the first week. Is a lot easier now. Gotta love a bit of food porn though, keeps me going lol

Well done again.

Charlie xx
well, day 2 is nearly over. thank god. I'm feeling a little weak and sorry for myself tonight. hopefully I'll wake up and feel better tomorrow. I can't wait to get my first week WI results next saturday. it will be nice to see some evidence that this is all working well. until then I'm just gonna have to hang in there.
You're doing so well Keelie, just get through the next day or so and then honestly you'll feel like a completely different person once the ketosis kicks in --- and then you'll get another high when you see the weight you've lost at weigh in ;)

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