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day 2 and panicking about the future!


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Hi everyone

I'm on day 2 and so far so good! Maybe slightly lacking energy but that could just be cos i overslept! Not really hungry or grouchy or craving food (unless dreaming about chocolate counts!) so it's going a lot better than anticipated!

But I'm already starting to panic- I just want to mentally prepare myself for things that might come up in the future so I'm ready, and so I can work out an action plan instead of just crumbling..

I have already decided I'm going to have to tell my family really, so when I visit them or them me I can explain... but there are certain people I really don't want to have to explain to, such as my boyfriend's parents. I can avoid seeing them to some degree LOL but not forever! His mum always puts on a nice spread of food, I don't know how to turn it down without looking rude, short of telling them I have a dicky tummy.

The other thing is I have arranged a center parcs (woohoooo!!) trip in April with a bunch of 6 friends. A large part of the week will be eating and drinking...I could tell them and stick to it, but I think I'll feel so left out :confused: Should I just take the week off and try to be as good as possible? I really don't want to ruin any progress I make though!

I know it's thinking quite far ahead, I might not even stick the week- I just want to be prepared..
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Hi Catkins

Do you ever feel "left out" because of the weight you are now? I know I used to - I could never dress up for a night out like I wanted to, or feel confident even going down the pub.

You will probably come across a lot of advice about moving up the plans for your meals with the family/holiday - say to SS+ or 810 - however be aware that many have trouble getting back onto CD after even planned breaks - look how many strugglers there are who are still suffering the fallout from Christmas! Presumably there will be many more holidays to come where you can eat, drink and be slim as well.

Good luck whatever you decide and I hope you have a lovely time xx

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Don't panic, it's really early days for you and you don't want to add stress into the diet ((hugs)).

Woohoo for centre parcs indeed! :D Is there anyway you could 'step up' to one of the higher calorie plans rather than give up for a week.. if you give up you'll pile weight on (water as the body stores it as a reaction from ketosis if you don't move up the plans) and may well struggle to get back to SS or SS+ when you get home (as will be carb laden and the body will throw a paddy). ((hugs))
If you try and stick to 2 CD packs a day and a meal then I'd think it'd be really do-able.. BUT.. it will test your willpower still. It's a personal choice of course :)

Keep up the great work and you'll be lighter when you go to centre parcs for sure! :D

My daughter reminded us today that it's 1 month today till her birthday! :D We're going away for 3 days and I've promised myself one meal (a well behaved meal) for the night of her birthday.. I'd love to be a stone lighter by then and have set this as my march target :)

Good luck!!


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So true about being left out.. with this particular group of friends especially, because they are all slim, fit and beautiful! I always feel like such a lemon when we go clubbing or whatever because I never dress up, I always go casual in whatever I can hide myself best in. If I put on make up or try to dress up I just feel stupid. I'm so looking forward to being able to dress up and look great..!!

Good idea about moving up a stage. Most of us probably won't have enough money to eat out every night which should take some of the pressure off. I really should stop worrying about it so early on!!

Christmas always messes me up! I can't stop altogether I realise now... 2 years ago I was doing really well on WW, but went to a music festival, and found it really really hard to get back on track, and here I am now..... 2 stone heavier :(

I just have to keep reminding myself that this won't be forever!!
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As said.. won't be forever! :D

If you all can't afford to eat out every night that is fantastic.. lots of activity and SS on the days when you don't eat out... then when you do, well have a salad! ;) Or chicken and small amount of veg, even if you have to leave the root veggies that are carb laden off a meal. I'm sure they'll have some form of 'healthy' food.. :) That way you'll be around the 810 or 1000 mark :) I'm sure your skinny friends will have seen a difference in you by then and support you - if they are true friends :)

As for thinking about it early, I've done the very same thing over my daughters birthday :) We are away twice in the space of 2 weeks school holidays for 3 days at a time and I have come to realise that coming off for 3 days like I originally planned wasn't an option for the very same reason you have with Xmas!

Knowing our stumbling blocks and thinking about of them before hand can only make us more successful!

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