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day 2 and sooo ready for it!!

Hello everyone, well today is day 2, yesterday was a little difficult, more me missing the actual eating than being hungry, last night was harder, so, had a bath, washed hair, drank the last of my water and got into bed at 9.45pm!! Have not been to bed that early for years!! Am off now to have "lunch" with my friend but have made sure that I have my shake a little later at 11am so I'm not starving watching her eat. Got through making the kids their tea last night, so I am sure that I can do this today, have a lovely day everyone xx:D
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Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Well done on day 1!
It does get easier and think of the great results ahead, your 1st weigh in will be here before you know it and spurr you on even more.!


wants big losses!
Well done to you. I failed again yesterday but am determined to do it 100% today...just getting my motivation for the afternoon! It's hard with families (I'm usually Mrs Dustbin with the children's leftovers!) but determination and the thought of 1st weigh in makes it worthwhile!

All the best for day 2 x
Hi all, Im on my day two of SS, last night was terrible- headache was sooo bad i thought i was going to pass out. Went to bed really early but then got up really early :( and now im kinda idle and don't know what to do with myself. Motivation is at 0%. Help!!!!


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Rosebud, just keep browsing thru this site at all the amazing stories and drink plenty of water, even go back to bed for an hour if you can.
I remember on my day 2 I had a stinker of a headache (the only one i've had since started and on day 9 now) I got up extremely early that day and went back to bed for an hour and it worked wonders....havent looked back since!.

Stick at it hun, its definately worth it.


wants big losses!
Hi Rosebud, stick with it, it pays off I promise! It does get easier.. I'm back on track today 100% so no going back now.. I've got to do this and I so want to! Just listen to your body, rest and drink..and keep focused. Keep on this website, there is so much motivation and support, it's great! Just think of your fab weight loss next week, it will be so worth it!

All the best,

Hello everyone, what lovely replies!! Well, I am home from lunch!! My black coffee was fab! I think the headaches may be from lack of water, its just a shame that I can't have the flavours this week. Can I use them next week??, Just going through the post with my new friend The glass of water!, then off to pick the kids up from school after my lovely first go at the strawberry one for lunch,hope you are all doing well- my day 2 is nearly done - wow!! xx:eek:

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