Day 2 and struggling already


Hi Everyone,

I had a really bad last night with CD (my first day) but I've managed to stay on track and am now nearly thru my second day. I'm at my In-Laws house at the moment and they have just had roast beef. I don't really like beef anyway but it's just the food factor thats doing me in.

I'm really struggling :( I wish it was easier than this, I want to get to that place where I don't feel like this but I know I have to go thru about a week of feeling so rubbish :(
Hi Bloss,

Try to be strong, it is hard for the first few days until your in ketosis, try not to let too much temptation get in your way, visiting people on your first few days is very brave, and hard, so if you get through this, you'll get through anything, have a read at other threads, you'll see how we all get through certain situations, hopefully it'll help.

your not alone, if you need anything just post on this site and loads of people will be there for you.

cheers Caroline...sending you strength signals as I type.....
God ... you must be in tune with me! I'm on day 2 after 4 days off for xmas and my mum is currently cooking roast beef and yorkshire pudding!!!!!! Arggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Keep strong, it will be better tomorrow. Am seriously considering going to bed myself in a minute!!!!!!!
Well done for getting through yesterday and nearly through day 2.

As you know I am on day 2 too and so far I am not doing too bad.

Things will get easier for us so stick with it and wait for the pounds to start falling off you :)
Hi Bloss

Hang on in there, just remember it's the first few days that are the toughest, it really does get easier, as long as you stick to it. If you come off, it will just take longer to get into ketosis. Stay strong & focussed, you can do it. Try and keep yourself occupied and keep remembering why you want to do this diet, and how fab you will look in just a few short months.

Day 2 is nearly over and you could be in ketosis by the end of tomorrow and then it'll get so much easier.

All the best
Stay strong Bloss... its worth it in the end, trust me!! It only gets easier.... not straight away unfortunately... but it does get easier!!!

There are sort of little milestones to overcome.. firstly the first 3-4 days until you are in ketosis.. then the next 10 days or so, purely to get out of the habit of wanting food... even though u won't actually necessarily feel the hunger (although I remember not feeling hungry during week one, but wanted to chew my own leg off during week 2... after that it was a breeze... of course i'm minus one leg.. but don't tell anyone :p )

Seriously it does get much better.. and the first big thing is only 5 little days away - ur first weigh in... believe me that makes it all worth it... When u struggle come on here, read some diaries - go back to the beginning and see how other people coped... I tell u that is the only thing that got me through my week two - which was my personal hell! But i googled the diet, found some blogs, read them word for word, looked at the pics, saw the results and knew I had to stick with it.. then I found minimins and found a whole bunch of inspirational people...

Whenever u feel like giving in, come on here.... everyone will help u survive the cravings... ignore the little voice in ur head telling u to eat.. it disappears over time

Good luck and well done on getting through day 2.. u can do it :D
Oh Hun,
I know it's hard, but hang on for dear life - it really will get easier - you're almost thru day 2 now - soooo close to ketosis - hold on tight for the ride of your life :D
Hang on in there Bloss and all who are on day 2... Day 2 was my worst ever.. thought I was going to die! (melodramatic ? maybe,, but I mean it! lol)... it is SO worth persevering.. in another couple of days you will feel SO much better,. honestly... just hang in there... your body has to adjust pretty drastically.. all part of the detoxing process.. drink lots. go to bed early, have deep bubble baths.. read.. watch a funny film.. anything that will take your mind off food.. sending you really positive vibes and hoping tomorrow is a better and brighter day! :D