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Day 2 Complete... 100%!!!

Hey guys!

My god I don't know whats changed in me, perhaps it was my SMALL gain this week, but I have been 100% and its been hard. I've been at an exhibition ALL DAY and there were waiters bringing the buffet round ALL DAY! I had to stay at our stall so they kept bringing EVERYTHIGN round and I stuck to my guns and said no with my bottle of water! It feels sooo good now to know I've cracked that!

So I've just had my last meal of the day today, and I don't feel that hungry, but Im not in Ketosis yet. My mouth is starting to taste a little nastly so perhaps thats a good sign?

Sooo my boyfriend has gone away on holiday and I'm going to stick to it 100% whilst he is away, he's back a week on Monday, and when he's back I'm going to start moving up the plans! Im just really scared about introducing food but I know it's something I'll need to do once I've lost a little more!

I really want to get down to 9 and a half stones like I used too, I know my CDC is worried about me (bless her) but Im just glad I've got you guys on here for support as I've not got the support from any of my friends or family!

Thanks guys it means a lot xxx
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Well done thats fabulous that you are back on track and also the fact that you BF is away next week can only help you as i find sometimes they can tempt you away from the plan.

You did well to get back on track so quickly and i am sure if you dipped your stick you would see you are changing from beige to pink.

Well done for getting through the second day. Moving up is the hardest part.... for me anyway.... Good luck
Well done on getting through day 2 - and to be surrounded by tempting food, I would have found that extremely tough.
Roll on day 3 ... and before you know it you will have completed a whole week.
Keep up the good work!
well done on getting back into the zone!!! Brilliant news!

just have to ask, why is your CDC worried????


Because I have a really bad attitude about the diet, I always "Cheat it", drink alcohol and don't stick to it 100%. She also thinks that 9 and a half stone would bring me to a BMI of 21 and thinks I'd be too skinny?

i can understand the worry if your cheating it and drinking especially...!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be terrified of the consequences to this!

20.6 is a low BMi, but its still within the healthy range....but it depends on your frame and build. If you have a small build and wont look ill on it, then it really is your call i suppose mate!


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