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Day 2 - Im sooooo Hungry HELP!!!

Hun if you are doing SS, you need to stick to it 100%. It wont be SS making you feel 'ill'- as you wont be in ketosis yet you may get some withdrawal symptoms but you need to just keep going through them, take some paracetamol and get on with it. This diet doesn't work unless you do it properly.

That said, chicken was prob the best thing you could have eaten, you can in fact have it as part of your 200kcal meal if you do SS+. If you don't think you can go without food completely maybe SS+ might be your thing. At least that way you dont feel you are 'cheating' when you eat your little meal...

Hope thats helpful hun! But seriously, you need to stay strong. Also, this is the 100% forum- the idea on here is that you need to be totally committed to SS/SS+ and keep posts positive, thats what this part of Minis is all about. So draw a line under it, keep drinking the water, and dont do it again!!

Lol :) naughty bettyboop ;) xxxx


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Naughty naughty!

If you do feel you have to have something a small piece of chicken is the best way to go but be warned this is how pickong habbits develop!

I'll repeat my usual advice (perhaps a sticky thread about 1st week advice could be made?):

Treat yourself in other ways - buy some lovely bath products (i use lush) and run a nice hot bubbly bath, I body brush while it's running then put a face mask on, get in and soak with a book and some water for a while then get out, moisturise (I use soap and glorys firminator, to....well....firm!) then paint your nails etc etc!

I LOVE it! It's my treat and i look forward to it every night! :)


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I am on Day 2 of the SS and i am soooooo hungry that i could eat my computer lol any suggestions :sigh: :sigh:

Firstly dont eat the computer!!!
the first few days are the worst but it really does get better, i found after about day five i really didnt feel actually hungry, just head hungry! keep busy and a few early nights and you WILL get there

goodluck hun

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