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Day 2 in the CD house


She's me in a few months
I survived my first day on nothing but cambridge, a huge achievement for me cos the first time I did it I cheated from day one. This time I'm determined to do it, I've even withdrawn some of my investment specifically to invest in ME and get this weight down once and for all.

I'm doing SS+ although my 'meal' yesterday was half a tin of tuna which I worked out to be 70 cals with half a pepper and 4 slice of cucumber. I know pepper's not allowed but it was all I had to pad it out, can't be that bad eh?

Anyway, I know I shouldn't have but I jumped on the scales this morning and I've lost 2 1/2 lbs, yeah! Will try and stay off them now until I see my CDC on Fri.

I'm planning on having 2 tetra paks a day, the chocolate ones, casue they're the only CD thing I truly like, the rest I tolerate, and I'll have a soup inbetween. I've found hunger has never been a problem for me so long as I drink loads of water and tea, I've turned into a right tea jenny since starting this, and I've never went back to coffee.

Anyway, onwards and upwards! xxx
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Still fighting

Good luck on day 2 from fellow day 2'er - ur as bad as me for getting on scales I did too this morn but felt i had to in order to justify and confirm why i'm putting myself through this :eek:

Not tried the choc tetra's yet - I've got two but saving them for work time lunch on thursday and friday :)


She's me in a few months
Tetra's are gorgeous, I've only got one left til Fri, don't know how I'll survive, I hate the shakes!!


Life is golden
Amen Nellyphant, I thought I was the only one who loathed tetras! Extra yuck, the choco just makes me heave


She's me in a few months
Funny isn't it, I would go so far to say as I love the choc tetras but most of the shakes and most of the soups give me the boke, I'm gagging as I'm swallowing. The bars are evil too :D:D:D


Back On Track!
Good for you getting to day 2, then it will be day 3, and on and on!!
You can do it, best of luck scooterchick x


Full Member
It's amazing how different peoples tastes are. I LOVE the bars. Anyway, so long as you've found something you like to get you through. Well Done !!!