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Day 2 nearly over...

Well the 2nd day is nearly finished. I woke up with a headache which, despite taking tablets, kept coming back. Coping at work is pretty easy - as long as I'm near the toilet that is! The only time I get a bit hungry is when they're cooking down in the Food Tech room and the smells waft through the corridor!

Home is a different matter though. I know I'm going to crave food when I get in from work. I tried to keep busy for a while but got worn out and needed to sit down as it was making me feel light-headed. My headache came back, then I had to cook tea. I could have eaten everything in the cupboards if only I'd had the chance. Once the family had eaten their tea it was fine. I've literally had to force myself to have my last shake and my last bottle of water. I'm not used to drinking anywhere near as much. Still I've survived day 2.
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It gets easier,i promise.Did`nt think i would make it to 3 wks,but it was worth it.wait till you see the weight drop off!
You're doing really well :)

Before CD I would have a couple of cups of coffee a day and a glass or two of diet cola so the massive increase in fluid was really hard to cope with.
Now when I get up (I'm in my 4th week) I can't wait to drink my first big glass of water. It starts the day off as I mean to go on :D

I have to cook for 3 men at night and at first it was horrid, now I cook and go have a bath while they eat or a walk round the block and tell them that any leftovers have to be put in the bin asap :eek:

Annie x
Aw Sparkles I know how you're feeling, It can be really difficult to begin with. when i did another VLCD last year, I suffered a lot at the beginning, headaches, shivering, cravings etc.. but i promise it really does become easier if you judt hang on in there. good luck!! xxx
Well it's the 'hardest' time of the day again. Back home from work with lots of food in the cupboards. Managed to drink 2 litres of water so far over the day. Just got my TOTM today though-a week early so I hope it's not going to affect my weight loss too much.
Congrats on getting through the first couple of days, they're always the hardest. Maybe you could up your water intake a bit, that might help with your headaches. An easy way I get more water in is by making up all my shakes to a pint, that way i'm getting more water without even noticing. Don't think I could have them with less now!
Very well done! The first few days are the hardest, but once ketosis kicks in, the huger should disappear and you'll find it easier. With time you find it becomes routine to drink water and not eat lol. Also i have found my bladder has gotten bigger as i need the loo less lol....which is always a good thing :)
Oh I can't wait until I need the loo less! It's always so urgent too-once I need to go I need to go NOW! I even got up 5 times in the night-it's no joke. However, my clothes do feel a bit looser, so something's obviously working.

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