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Day 2 newbie!

Hey, welcome to DC! Well done on resisting the lure of pizza, it's tough huh? :eek:
I'd say some fat free yoghurt with your fruit is fine; it's healthy afterall. :D

To change your weight info, click on 'User CP' in the top left hand corner, then on the left of that page click on 'Edit Your Details'. There's a bunch of other useful links there too. :)

Oh and good luck for your first weigh in! x
P.S. A quicker way of doing it is clicking on 'Quick Links' and the edit your details link is there. I would've told you that first but I only just discovered it. :p


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Actually all you need to do is click on the ticker - it takes you straight to the site where you can put your code in and edit it. :) xx


maintaining since June'09
regarding the fruit & yoghurt - if you're truly hungry you should have something and that'd be a good choice. I'm not sure about 'a bit peckish' - what does that mean exactly? As long as it's not 'I'm bored' or 'I fancy something' or 'I usually have something about now' then go ahead. :) xx
Thank you for your help. Clicking on ticker works on here but not on Diet Chef forum!!

I have brought some fruit and yogurt in to work with me today and will make sure I am eating it because I am hungry and not because its what I would normally do - thanks for that, I never thought of it that way.



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Hello :)

The ticker should update automatically as soon as you have updated it at the ticker factory. Not sure why that doesn't work on the DC forum as I don't go over there these days.

Well done for resisting pizza - it's one of my "naughty foods".

Fruit and yogurt keeps me going when hungry - currently loving those Shape ones that are supposed to keep you fuller longer - not come to any conclusion on the "fuller longer" angle, but they taste okay.

Enjoy your day :D

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