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Discussion in 'Diet Chef' started by dobbylinda, 16 August 2009 Social URL.

  1. dobbylinda

    dobbylinda New Member

    Hi all!! All going well! My sister and partner had take away pizza last night - I did not have one single bite, so pleased with myself today!!!

    I get a bit peckish late afternoon, is it ok so have some fruit with fat free stawberry yogurt??

    I can't wait till my one week weigh in!!!!!
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  3. dobbylinda

    dobbylinda New Member


    Just testing ticker...... Also, how do I change the info on it when it comes to weigh in next week????

    Thanks for your help with this! x:confused:
  4. Diversity

    Diversity Likes to lurk

    Hey, welcome to DC! Well done on resisting the lure of pizza, it's tough huh? :eek:
    I'd say some fat free yoghurt with your fruit is fine; it's healthy afterall. :D

    To change your weight info, click on 'User CP' in the top left hand corner, then on the left of that page click on 'Edit Your Details'. There's a bunch of other useful links there too. :)

    Oh and good luck for your first weigh in! x
  5. Diversity

    Diversity Likes to lurk

    P.S. A quicker way of doing it is clicking on 'Quick Links' and the edit your details link is there. I would've told you that first but I only just discovered it. :p
  6. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Actually all you need to do is click on the ticker - it takes you straight to the site where you can put your code in and edit it. :) xx
  7. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    regarding the fruit & yoghurt - if you're truly hungry you should have something and that'd be a good choice. I'm not sure about 'a bit peckish' - what does that mean exactly? As long as it's not 'I'm bored' or 'I fancy something' or 'I usually have something about now' then go ahead. :) xx
  8. dobbylinda

    dobbylinda New Member

    Thank you for your help. Clicking on ticker works on here but not on Diet Chef forum!!

    I have brought some fruit and yogurt in to work with me today and will make sure I am eating it because I am hungry and not because its what I would normally do - thanks for that, I never thought of it that way.

  9. CarolineM

    CarolineM Stubborn and doing it

    Hello :)

    The ticker should update automatically as soon as you have updated it at the ticker factory. Not sure why that doesn't work on the DC forum as I don't go over there these days.

    Well done for resisting pizza - it's one of my "naughty foods".

    Fruit and yogurt keeps me going when hungry - currently loving those Shape ones that are supposed to keep you fuller longer - not come to any conclusion on the "fuller longer" angle, but they taste okay.

    Enjoy your day :D

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