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Hi everyone, well today is my second day on ss and to be honest i dont know what to think, day one was a breeze 2 shakes and a soup, today i got up feel totally fine, had a hot choc mint for breakfast, brocoli and cheese soup for lunch and oriental chilli for t, been drinking 3 litres of water a day cos i just dont find the time to drink 4 but im trying, managed to cook t for my hubby and son but i was soo tempted, i dont feel hungry its more habit, after everything ive read i was kinda thinking the worst but im ok, my only dread is that its not going to work cos i dont feel any different, i know that sounds crazy in fact i dont know what im supposed to feel to be honest i guess everyone is different, anyway sorry for the waffling but i just needed to post or to talk to someone about the way i feel, going to take some pics soon and take measurements so i can keep a journal, i just hope i get to write about great weight loss, im just soo scared that this isnt going to work for me, i have 5 stones plus to loose so fingers crossed it really works. did anybody else feel like this?
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I've worried a lot because of the same type of thing, thinking it's not hard. But if you really think about it, you've cut out eating and are having minimul calories. You're drinking loads of water to flush the toxins through your system and have your head in the game....

How can it not work????

I struggled a bit with the first few days but only because I got head aches and stomach pain, but after 3 days that was over and now I feel fantastic.

Trust me, stick with it and lb's WILL fall off, and after a good first couple of weeks you'll be more than inspired. It really is amazing!
Thanks guys, i guess im just a little surprised as i dont feel like ive deprived myself, im only getting weighed monthly so hopefully the results will say all, and maybe ill feel better once ive peed on the stick ha ha and seen that im in the zone, im just soo glad i found this forum as i would have probably just suffered in silence. :cry:
S: 13st1lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 1st4lb(9.84%)
Heey VickChick!!

Am on DAY 2 TOO :)!!! How your finding it ok too... am just about making it!.. Let me know how u get on.. we can help each other along .... xxx
Hey east, yeah as you can tell from my above post im feeling ok just a little odd, not sure what i was expecting thats all, just had a little fear earlier that this wasnt going to work, plus im getting weighed monthly so i dont know if that is going to kick me up the bum or not, how are you finding everything? Ive managed to drink 3 litres a day so far, trying to drink more but its soo hard when im not used to drinking that much. It would be really nice and supportive if we kept each other informed!!! How often are you getting weighed???:crazy:
S: 13st1lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 1st4lb(9.84%)
Heey Vicki!!

Nooo this diet deffo works!! Its all about sticking to it.. and u will be at ur goal in NOO TIME! First day I felt like a total wreck.. head going round and everything.. today slightly better but not much energy. By day 3 its meant to get better so Bring it on!! So far am quite positive.. have nothing to lose really.. am going in smiling hopefully will leave smiling! My main aim is to be at my goal weight of 8 st 11 lbs by the end of April/Early June.. we'll see how that goes. I know the drinking thing is hard but 3L is a very good start..Am doing around the same.. but then again.. I'm a big fan of water.. though I don't drink any other fluids.. so am losing out there. Am getting weighed weekly.. cos I think that way I will stay on track with the diet..but everyone works differently..monthly i could never do!! We could deffo plod along together keep each other up when we're down.. thats the great thing bout this site!! :) HOw much are u looking to lose??
hi east,

well at 14 stone 10 at mo starting weight would love to be my ideal weight of 9.5 stone but i think that may be asking a little too much ha ha but im going for 10 stone, or 11 stone anything at the moment, i would have loved weekly weigh in but unfortunately my cdc lives in yorkshire and im in cumbria and there is no one else in my area and i think she only has one client in my town or nearby anyway so monthly is how its done, but hey she is really supportive and great and im soo thankful that she comes all that way to see me. my days have been brill to be honest not hungry, no headaches no side effects touch wood so far, ive been taking 4 litres of water to work with me everyday so just keep topping up the glass and slurping away ha ha, but so far ive not been able to drink 4 litres but who knows i may just be able to do that, dont drink coffee or t soo water is my only tipple ha ha, thanks for the support i think i need all i can get at mo. good luck with your loss and im here for you buddy.

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