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day 2 on the cd 15.31pm


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i feel like im in the big brother house,
arrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so hungry , and i feel bad becasue my mum has to eat but she doesnt want to eat infront of me,
im off work this week and sitting at home, im light headed and freezing cold and im finding it hard to keep drinking the water its making me feel sick,
i can smell food and keep driving past subway and pizza hut and kfc and even had to go to tesco this morning and couldnt buy anything, i think i do need help today becasue im struglling,
my mum wants to know if im feeling light headed and shaky can i have a tin of heinz soup as long as it fits in my calorie alowance?
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Hi ya, :)

Day two is one of the worst day's I think. I can imagine how many craving's you are having at the moment, but dont give in. You cannot have the Heinz soup as it doesn't contain all the nutritants that you need. Plus it has all the hidden salts and other ingredients. Try breaking one of your shakes down into a smaller meal so you can have more meals but smaller.
Stick with it you are doing great.

Nick :)


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Water, water, water - keeps you feeling full.

Be much easier when you enter ketosis - first week is awful though !


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Sorry, but if you want to get into ketosis & stay on cd then NO you cannot have a tin of soup.

You have your three or four packs which give you all the nutrients you need.

Have you tried black tea or coffee? Mint tea? Water with flavourings (bought from cdc) Coke zero (limit the amount as can knock out of ketosis)

Try to take your mind off food, take a walk, read a book, watch a dvd, take a long hot bath, go onto the arcade on here.

I know that the first week is a struggle and it is so easy to talk yourself into a little bit of food. But believe me, if you stick to it the results are so worth the effort.

Take care and Good luck with your cd journey.

p.s. have you started a diary on here? that really helps too.


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iv just had a black coffee, and im watching tv and surfing the net , whats the diary bit about ??
i was told by my councellor not to have herbal tea or fruit tea and i cant flavour the water until at least week2-3 :(


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Hi Milkybar,

The diary is just that, you start your own diary thread and keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings and weigh in results. I have found this to really help me and when I feel a bit low I re-read all my postive posts and give myself a boost.

Re: the teas.....I was told not to have fruit but that I could have herbal? I'm sure a cdc will come on here and tell you. I have been drinking mint tea since the start and have had no problems.
Also the water flavourings - I was offered them from week one so again I'm not sure (my cdc could be the one in the wrong here) I was told only 1 teaspoon per day though. I personally don't like them so I never buy them. I actually love hot water and easily drink 4 ltrs per day.

Hope someone can answer your questions for you


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i will have to mention that my cdc is giving me a call tomorrow to see how im doing so i might ask her, also can i make the muffins in week one does anyone know?
sorry to be a pain lol iv got so many questions that i have thought of since i saw my cdc,
also can i say that i had the butterscotch shake this morning and it smelt so lovely like angel delight and then it was putrid lol and i felt like throwing up haha:eek:


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ha ha ha Milkybar, I have to agree with you - that was exactly the same reaction I had to that flavour. Never again:eek:

Your taste buds will change over the coming weeks though. I now live on Choc, Choc Mint and either Chicken & mushroom or Oriental Chilli.

Make a list of all your questions and when your cdc calls you can ask her all of them hee he he


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Hi Milkbar :D

I just wanted to add my support and agree with everyone else that around day 2/3 is probably as bad as it will get hun. I think most of us felt cold, weak, maybe a bit tearful so you are with people who understand how you feel.

The secret I believe is DISTRACTION DISTRACTION DISTRACTION :D...or if you are able, go to bed and sleep for a while and get warmed up a bit.

Some people also find it helps to look at the photos thread or join in the story thread or go in the arcade.....basically ANYTHING to take your mind off things:)

I know I drank peppermint tea from day one and when I strugled with the water cold, I would drink it warm.

Hang in there honey, you will be so pleased that you did come weigh day :D:D:D


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i was looking at all the pictures on the threads and its amazing to think that i may one day be on that thread with you all,
im currently making my meez picture like alot of you have and its taking some of my time up, im halfway through a bottle of water so im getting there, you are all such strong willed people i do hope i can go the distance

i promise you 100% it gets better! a lot better! i convinced my boyf to join me on this crazy no eatin gjourney and by week three i have lost 16lbs and he has lost 21 - we were both bad eaters and now just have SS.

Ketosis will kick in in a couple of days and then the hunger pangs disapear and you start to feel fine, i have had no sugar squach from day 1 and water also, you can make the muffins, mousse, crisps etc from day 1 you can also split your packs so you seem to have more within a day which might help.

i had the bars from week 2.

any questions you have just post them everyone on here is so helpful and all know what you are going through!

you are doing so so great so stick with it cause the results are amazing!

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Good luck Milkybar - stick at it, the bit of pain now is farrrr outweighed by the results!! As far as I'm aware you can make any of the recipes from week 1...personal favourite of mine are the Oriental Chilli crisps - they're yummmmm.


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well today i got up late and didnt have my chocolate shake until 12.30 but by 5.30 i was peckish so made myself cappacino muffins and then at about8.30 i think i will try my first oriental chilli, can i just ask or am i being hopefull does it taste anythign like chinese chill beef??


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safe to say i did not enjoy oriental chilli or broccoli and cheese so threw them away and am having a hot chocolate for dinner :(




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without sounding stupid thats real food though are we allowed ?
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Just wanted to add to everyone elses comments - you are doing really well, stick with it. Day 1 is almost behind you and by the end of the week you will be through the worst and feel amazed when you stand on those scales.

Good on ya gal!



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thanks everyone, today hasnt been so bad iv had more energy today, i havent planned to do anythign tomorrow becasue i didnt think i would feel up to it but i think i may go see some friends, im off all week on anual leave i thought would be nice to go back and see if anyone notices my weight loss!
i may be being a bit hopefull but you never know :cool: