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day 2 restart, feel a bit weepy :(

Hi all, wonder did any of you guys experience this, i didnt first time round... i feel fine, no hunger, day two, but have been very weepy.. I amnt near time of the month so this is unusual.. apart from that going good, loads of water and peppermint tea, not too lethargic...
Am going to the pharmacy on friday to properly start my restart (I had a weeks worth left from feb) so my first weight will prob be a bit wrong.. looking forward to gettin in the swing of things and looking forward tot he furry tongue, hope this weepiness doesnt last tho, was near crying at the tele xxx
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Em i tink i remember feeling kinda irritiable the first week but cant really remember haha! i know from wat ive read restarting brings alot of differences from the first time. just stick with it an hopefully dem hormones will snap back.

Yeah you prob wont have that big weigh in at the start did you weigh yourself before you started? at least if you did you will know how much you lost.
lol, no i didnt as i dont have scales, but am well prepared to have only have lost 2 or 3 lbs in the first proper start if you get me, i wanted to make sure i got into ketosis and commited myself before going and getting more x I feel a bit better now I am online and not watching the tele xxx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!

I'm on day 2 of my re start too and am not wimpy but am bad tempered and hungry, soooo glad I know this passes in a few days time!
Hope you feel better tomorrow xx
r u doin a full week on the shakes before you go for your weigh in??? coz if you are you will lose alot more than dat.
yes i felt like that . thou i think mine was cos i felt sorry for myself . it will pass . hope you feel better tomorrow .

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hope you feel better soon. lots of luck with your restart.
aw thanks, yeah i am doing a week on my own as had a week left over from last time, so the first weeks weight loss i will have no clue about as i didnt weigh myself lol.. thanks guys, feel a little bit better now anyway, having a hot chocolate x
Awww Tasha *hugs* I get overly weepy around my TOTM while being on this plan. Every one of my emotions is exaggerated!

I think a lot of it has to do with subconsciously feeling deprived while everyone else around us indulges without a care in the world. subconsciously we feel hard done by! A case of 'Why me, why can't I eat what I want and not put on a pound!'

It will pass soon sweetie. Remember your body is withdrawing from all the sugar, carbs, toxins and other nasties. By next week it will all be a distant memory.

aww thanx betsy, i forgot I was withdrawing from everything too.. ofcourse thats what it is, and your right i know by this time next week ill b feeling ok xxx
You'll be feeling fabulous! Full of energy and quite a few pound lighter! You'll be crying with joy :D

Keep at it Tasha. You already know that it's all so worth it in the end

I know, im so looking forward to wearing a pair of nice jeans without worrying about a builders bum when i bend down lol... and some nice heels without my ass and gravity having a fight lol xxx

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