Day 2 slim fast! Need advice :)



Day 2 slim fast, well I've lost 3lb but i know that's mostly water weight.

I'm 5'7 and weighed 15'7 when I first started. I want to be 11 stone.

Always been chunky since the age of 14 so would love to have this 2012 summer, bikini style!! & look amazing :).

Do far it's easy.

Day 1 shake breakfast
Then mid morning low fat breakfast bar.
Lunch time shake
Mid afternoon - snack a jacks
Dinner low fat roast.

Today just 2 shakes and low fat stir fry

Now I will just do shakes and a meal with fruit as snacks

Infind it really easy and started gym today :)

Find it hard to drink loads of water, any advice on that?
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I struggle with water too. If you prefer pop you could always get those fizzy flavoured waters. If you prefer cordial just have a sugar free version but if you prefer tea/coffee like me, I don't know what to suggest. Maybe just less sugar or sweeteners and skimmed milk if you don't like it black. There's also Green Tea, that apparently helps with weight loss too :)

Take care xx


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I'm on day 2 as well and tbh struggling. Stuck at home with ill child and all I can think about is food. Maybe another cup of coffee.....
I drink fizzy water with sugar free squash, makes it easier and I carry a bottle around with me so am always sipping from it.
Good luck


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I think drinking the amount of water that you need i the hardest part of all diets. I struggle too. I sometimes put a splash of suger free cordial in my water & to reduce the amount of tea i'm drinking hot water with a slice of lemon in it is nice too. keeps me warm & i'm getting the water in.
I'm on week 3 now & finding is good, i do struggle though to fit in my snacks. I'm either too busy or not hungry.
:) x