ProPoints Day 2 - woke up feeling great!


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Hi everyone I have done the old WW but not the new one and for the first time in ages (well feels like it) I haven't felt the slightest bit hungry but that could be because I have been doing a VLCD!)

WI day - Tuesday
Start weight - 281lb

PP Daily: 45 Weekly: 49

35g Crunchy Nut - 4pp
1/4 pint SS milk - 1pp
Total: 5pp

1/2 tub Dolmio, Stir it in, Smokey bacon and tomato - 2pp
77g Pasta - 7pp
Total: 9pp

1/2 tub Dolmio, Stir it in, Smokey bacon and tomato - 2pp
3oz Pasta - 8pp
2oz Matteson smoked pork sausage - 5pp
Total: 15 pp

Few nibbles at mum house 6pp (est)

Midnight munch: 3/4 matteson smoked pork sausage - 15pp!
Tesco Bread roll- 5pp
10g Lurpak lighter - 2pp
5x slices of tesco wafer thin roast chicken - 1pp
1tblsp Salad cream - 1pp

:eek: wont be doing that in a hurry again!
total : 60

Exercise: walking 20 mins - 2pp

45/45 used
0/2 activity used
15/49 weekly used
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Day 2 - 09/02/11

PP Daily: 45 Weekly: 36

5oz Easiyo low fat greek - 2pp
1 Apple - 0pp
Total: 2pp

2 xTesco Bread roll- 10pp
20g Lurpak lighter - 3pp
10x slices of tesco wafer thin roast chicken -3pp
2tblsp Salad cream - 3pp

Total: 19pp

Chilli con carne Homemade - 12pp
5 oz Cooked Rice - 6pp

Chocolate 70g - 10pp
Total :10pp

Exercise:1 hour of low difficulty cleaning - 6pp

45/45 used
0/8 activity used
4/34 weekly used
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S: 13st1lb C: 9st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 4st1lb(31.15%)
hi their just to let you know that 1/4 pint of skimmed milk is 2pp but 1/2 pint is 3pp, just dont want you to go over your daily pp