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  1. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Hello All

    I'm new to WW (going alone from home) with over 4 stone to lose. I am doing F&H + 49 weekly PP

    Feel free to comment & offer any advice.

    Many thanks


    Sunday - Day 1

    B - Actimel 0% (1pp)
    2 shredded wheat
    150ml SS milk (2pp)

    dry crumpet
    1 slice ham

    L - 2 nimble wm bread
    1 fried egg using 2tsp oil (free allowance)
    2 bacon medallions
    3 slices fresh tomato

    D - 2 boiled potatoes
    Tinned Sweetcorn (nas)
    Brown rice
    Skinless chicken
    Pork chop no fat
    Gravy - (1pp)

    WW cookies (2 in pack) - (2pp)

    Total = 6/49

    Day 2 - Monday

    B - 0% actimel (1pp)
    1 shredded wheat
    75ml SS milk (1pp)

    L - warburton thins
    50% fat cheese - 30g (2pp)
    Salad cream light (1pp)

    D - salad
    2 boiled potatoes
    2 tbsp brown rice
    Salad cream light (1pp)

    WW cookies (pack of 2) (2pp)

    popcorn with 2tsp free oil

    2 kiwi fruits


    Day 3

    SW and Milk (1pp)
    0% actimel (1pp)

    Apple, grapes, carrots

    Ham/ 25g cheese thins + s.cream light (3pp)

    1 slice ham

    WW wrap, pineapple (cinnamon/sweeter)

    Bacon medallions, baked beans, scrambled eggs (2tsp oil), new potatoes

    Popcorn/WW cookies (2pp)


    Day 4

    0% Actimel (1pp)
    1 shredded wheat + SS milk (2pp)


    ham/50% cheese thins + s. Cream light (3pp)


    WW petit pain, WW pork sausages (2pp?), baked beans
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  3. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Couldn't find WW sausages so had to get Tesco healthy living which were 2pp each

    Total 31/49
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  4. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    B - as always (2pp)

    L - as always (3pp)



    WW wrap with strawberries/sweetener & cinnamon

    Baked sweet potato/salad/tuna/50% cheese (2pp)

    Popcorn with 2tsp free oil

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  5. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

  6. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Day 6

    Breakfast/lunch/crumpet/fruit wrap (strawberries/grapes)/carrots as always = (5pp)

    fresh fruit pot (melon/grapes/pineapple)

    Skinless Chicken/salad/WW pitta/boiled egg white x 2

    Morrisons (NAS) tropical fizzy drink

    Squirt of Anchor light aerosol cream on fruit wrap (1pp)

    TOTM arrived today however I am still hoping for a decent loss when I weigh in on Sunday morning.

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  7. sue_eadie

    sue_eadie Full Member

    Lovely food
  8. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Thanks Sue.

    I don't like Veg & eat quite plain but I realise I don't like being overweight even more!! so I have to make some healthy changes for the future. I tried brown rice for the first time ever last Sunday (& really enjoyed it), plus baked sweet potato was another first. It was ok :). Onwards & downwards, plus the sun has arrived.


  9. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Day 7

    b - 1.5 shredded wheat & 100ml SS milk (1pp), kiwi x 2

    l - 2 nimble bread/fresh tom's/3 bacon medallions/dry fried egg



    d - spag Bol (extra lean mince), 2 tsp free oil & 125g Original Dolmio sauce (1pp) nas sweetcorn, carrots plus wholewheat pasta, WW petit pain, 20g 50% fat cheese (1pp).... (Was delish)!

    mini twister & Jaffa cake = (2pp)

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  10. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    First Weigh in this morning & 4lb loss, happy with that. On to Week 2.

    Hope everyone has a great week

  11. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Hi Helen

    Well done on your 4loss weight loss that's fantastic. Keep up the great work you're doing great.

    Your food looks great too.

    Nic xx
  12. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    WEEK 2 - Day 1 F&H

    B - 1.5 shredded wheat & 100ml SS milk (1pp), 0% Actimel (1pp)

    WW petit pain

    L - warburton thin with bolognase (left over from yesterday's dinner - 1pp for the Dolimo), carrots & fresh tom. 10g 50% fat cheese (1pp).


    d - roast pork all fat removed, brown rice, gravy (1pp), broccoli & carrots

    fresh strawberries in WW wrap with 15g nuttella spread (2pp) & 10g light aerosol cream (1pp), yummy!

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  13. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Many thanks Nic. I am very pleased & was surprised especially due to the timing. Bring on week 2. I am loving the sun.

    I hope you are well.

  14. sue_eadie

    sue_eadie Full Member

    Great weight loss. Well done
  15. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Thanks Sue :)
  16. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Tuesday - Day 2

    b - 1 shredded wheat, 70ml SS milk (1pp), 0% Actimel (1pp)

    l - warburton thin/ham/50% fat cheese (2pp), 20g salad cream light (1pp) (10g on thin & 10g on jacket potato at dinner time)

    strawberries & raw carrots

    dry crumpet

    fruit pot - grapes/melon/pineapple

    d - roast pork (all fat removed), jacket potato & salad

    curly wurly(3pp)

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  17. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    B - as usual (2pp)


    L - as usual (3pp)


    Dry crumpet


    D - 2 Tesco healthy living sausages (4pp), baked beans, home made chunky chips (2 free tsp oil). WW petit pain.


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  18. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    How are you doing with your ww journey?

    Nic x
  19. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Hi Nic it's going well thanks. I've started to take pictures of my evening meals. I probably won't post them but they'll be good for reference & to keep an eye on variety & portion size.

    I've decide I could easily get addicted to the WW petit pans & whilst the highest in fibre out of the WW bread products I have, I'm not sure I've really needed them.

    My breakfast/lunch/snacks are always the same on week days. This is an improvement as I never used to eat breakfast & picked on biscuits & other junk for lunch. I'm still feeling positive but do find it tricky sticking to 7pp doing f&h & I may switch to pro points next week.

    I'll see how 2nd weigh in goes 1st.

    Also because I've been on/off diets since 15yrs old, I realise the journey is long & whilst I've made 1/2 stone goal increments, I won't feel as if I've truly made a difference until I am back to 12.5 stone (half way to healthy).

    How are things going for you?

  20. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Hi Helen
    I've been really hungry the last couple of days and I am putting this down to not having porridge and having cheerios and belvita biscuits instead. Porridge really fills me up until lunchtime whereas the others do not. I too am thinking of pointing my food next week just to keep an eye on my portion sizes and stop me eating too much. i'm really enjoying filling and healthy but I can get carried away with portion sizes (I have been dieting since I was 14/15 years old)! and always put weight back on plus more when I have lost weight in the past. I nearly always have breakfast as I always wake up hungry in a morning. I too am taking my weight loss one step at a time and every lb is a bonus. I think 7lb mini-goals are a great idea.
    Keep up the great work
    Nic x
  21. HWW

    HWW Silver Member

    Porridge sounds like a good idea. Shredded wheat is quite good but tbh I never used to feel hungry until about 10:30. Since starting to eat breakfast the hunger kicks in stronger about 11. I guess at least my metabolism is now working. 11/4/7 are the most difficult times for me. I use fruit & raw veg to fill up during the day & my crumpet @ 4pm. Sometimes I forget to drink (don't drink hot drinks), & think the thirst is confused with hunger. I now carry a bottle of water around. Also popcorn fills the gap for a sweet treat with sweetener/cinammon.

    Maybe you aren't eating enough?

    Hope 2moro is a better day 4 you. 1 day @ a time .


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