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Day 2...

Hi guys.. Reading some of your posts is alot more encouraging than going at this on my own! I'm currently 12st 12lb so need to get down to around 9st 10lb so my BMI is at a healthy number. I've tried so many diets in the past but calorie and point counting just wasn't my thing, so I decided to give lipotrim a go as I used to work in a chemist that sells it, and I know it works as I have seen people every week on this diet and the weight drops off them if they stick to it! Just wanted to ask if anyone knows if the shakes contain any milk of any sort as although i'm not lactose intolerant i've not had milk for several years and when I do have it i get a sickly feeling.. and i'm getting the same feeling after the vanilla shakes, is this just my body getting used to them or do they actually contain milk?? and has anyone else had this problem? also when will i stop feeling so hungry? any advice is much appreciated :)
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Back on the diet train...
hey hun an welcome to the forum!!! :)

not really sure if it has milk in it but durin my 1st wk i got a sickly feelin in my tummy but it did pass. just get ur shakes down u, maybe av another flavour an down sum water afta. it helped me. :)

u shud hit ketosis after 4 days tho sum people take longer, then u wnt b hungry anymore. my advice is to keep drinkin the water, set urself sum mini targets 2 aim 4 like gettin thru 1st wk etc an also av sum distractions ready. :p

this is a great site to pop on 4 advice, a chat or a moan. :D

good luck on ur journey hun




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Hiya if you find the shakes hard to drink.....I add more water to dilute them more I use just under 1 pint.....I also get the sicky feeling its just your body getting used to the vitamins etc.

Good luck xx
Hi Bex!
Thanks for ure advice :) I'm going to set myself some targets tonight so will post them on my profile when i figure out how to use the site..
Hi Sonkie!
Thanks for your tip too i'll try that with my next shake :)
I don't the shakes do stop me feeling hungry its just this sickly feeling thats annoying me but hopefully it should go!

Also do you have any tips on what you do in your social life with friends now as most of the stuff i used to do involved food and/or drinking?! (probably my problem lol)

Again I really appreciate your advice :D
Hope you guys are going strong!
Hi Clare,
I'm on my first day back on LT after losing 20 kg last year but carelessly regaining it all!

The shakes do contain milk, but they are sickening just by their own virtue. I am not looking forward to the next 7-10 days as i know what it feels like.

As Tex Bex says above, after keto kicks in, thats when in all starts to work, but it takes a tuff few days to get there, and lots bail out prior, so just hang on to the next seven days even though its mental tough, cause after that it really is much easier.

Best o' luck,

Hi Mike..
To be honest its really not as bad as what i thought it would be the only time that bugs me is for half an hour after the shakes until this sickly feeling goes away... and i think my appetite is finally decreasing woohoo! finally!
I'm sure you will do brill on it again if you lost 20kg last time! :)
best of luck too and keep us posted on your progress!


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Hey how you doing ??? Did you try adding more water to the shakes......also chill the water beforehand too.....hope you are ok xx
Hey! I'm actually really good today thanks... ive got more energy than I think i've ever had! I realised it was my complete fussiness of food as to why i didn't like the shakes at first but now i actually enjoy them, not overally keen on the s.berry ones but the choc one is lovely and I add coffee to the vanilla one which is nice! i've started blending them with ice which is much better as they're not good when even slightly warm, I tried making the choc one into a mousse but thats not for me! how you doing??
Thanks Clare,
I usually do the shakes in warm water, which makes it more like a hot cocoa (I only have the choc. flavour ones, the rest are even worse!).
Only thing to be careful is not to shake it while its hot with the lid closed tightly as it pops open from the pressure and makes a darn mess!

Keep going.
okay i'll make sure i don't use the shaker with hot drinks.. can't be wasting non can we lol
I miss having chewing gum... which isn't going to help my paranoia over 'the bad breath' :/ ive got them breath strips handy though for when it kicks in! just hope it isn't too bad!!
Hiya clare - good luck with it all hun! Where have you found the breath strips?! I haven't been able to track them down at all and finally had to order them online! x
Hey! I got them from a chemist I used to work at.. we used to supply the listerine ones to lipotrim patients but apparantly they no contain something 'we' can't have...so they started stocking a new type called nuPhar fresh breath strips (which feature on the LP website) I think they're about 1.99... I see you live in Manchester also so if you're struggling to get hold of anymore let me know and i'll send you the address for the chemist :)


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Good luck with your first week, I am on day 1 on a restart, it does take alot of determination throught the first week but it is well worth the effort. It is good to know that there are still some fresh breath strips we can still have.
Hey Jo!

Thats what i'm dreading the most..bad breath! I've even been taking my toothbrush to work haha! just hope it doesn't get really bad!
How much weight did you lose last time hun if you don't mind me asking?

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