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On day 2 now now doing too badly , i'm just after having more lose bowel (sorry :eek:) . I'm curious as to whats causing it as i didn't get one after my shake last night?

Although saying that my morning shakes have be basically knocked back (rushing out the door to work) whereas the evening one last night was sipped slowly

Can this happen if drunk too quickly, has anyone had similar experience.
don't know if the 3.5/4l of water i drunk yesterday could be to do with it either or if its the coffee, i haven't used it ever until now

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addicted to minimins!!
hey john! i get it too! i got it last time and it didnt really go away for about a week, ive had it the past two days as well. i think if youre in a hurry it comes on pretty quickly, so try and take some time to have your shake. and dont worry it will pass,,just keep the water intake up if you have it as you need to keep hydrated. xx
that's a sort of relief knowing it happens and that it should pass. Starting to get a bit of tension in the front of my head so i'm assuming my headaches are on route lol


addicted to minimins!!
thats a good and bad thing... bad because it hurts...good because it means ketosis is coming...yaayyy :) x
the sooner the better, i'm feeling the hunger now :(


bye bye belly
Keep it up! you can do it :)
feeling like i'm going to get sick :( , little light headed. Headache gone


addicted to minimins!!
hang on in there.. youll be fine! any chance you can get away for an early night?? thats probably the best,, or even get to bed with some water and read or watch a movie?? you need to rest :) X
Belly rumbling away, i've already drunk 3l of water today am thirsty all the time....... Hopefully change is coming now .... how long do you normally feel sick for?


addicted to minimins!!
usully until you get into ketosis,,, the big k can come on from day three to five i think after that you should be ok... chin up its all worth it x
Ive been feeling sick since yesterday too Chuck....didnt have it the last time so good to hear that someone else is feeling the same effect (not glad youre sick :p just glad its normal :p)
Managed to cook the dinner for the kids tonite which I absolutely could not face last nite. My headache not as bad today...was dying yesterday but you can take paracetamol for that so that is good to know.
Did you say you have only started drinking coffee since you started the diet? If so this may be causing the toilet trouble :rolleyes:
The hunger pangs will go...trust me...last time it was day 5 I think and mine were gone. The only time I got them back after that was if I smelt food so I tried to avoid situations like that if possible.
The reason alot of people give up is because the first week is the toughest...if you can last a few more days youll be over the worst of it.
PS Id take Pudges advice and go to bed early with your water and book...i did last nite and it worked wonders.
Glitzy X
just home from work now drive home was horrible feeling like that :( ... stomach not as bad as was earlier, having my "lovely" choc shake now so hopefully that will help :)


Never Ever Give Up!
I know exactly how you feel Chuck, I'm starving myself! Having all these dreams of sausage rolls or satay..... have had almost 3ltr water myself so am thinking of an early night. Had a bit of a head ache but do feel faint as well. When oh when will I stop being so hungry?


addicted to minimins!!
youll stop being hungry as soon as you think..." oh im going to be hungry for the whole time on lt" lol :D chin up ,,it wont be that long.... all have a good rest tonight..new day tomorrow! x


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks Pudge! :) x


Fighting for My Health
Loose bowel movements, all perfectly normal in the early days. Just your body adjusting to the change in diet, and all those lovely vitamins that it probably wasn't getting before. Not many vitamins in junk food lol.

Hang in there Chuck. You're climbing your wall. Don't fall off. Hold on tight. Get to the top, climb over it and into lovely fat burning ketosis. The start of your new, slim life :)
Good luck chuck
Hi Chuck

Like you I'm just a couple of days in with LT but experiencing the same as you in the bowel department! Only had a few shakes but I think my body is so used to being stuffed up with rubbish and processed food that it's all been a bit of a shock to it actually having some decent nutrients.

Good luck with the LT.... I read somewhere that when ketosis kicks in it's like being wrapped in a warm blanket - not sure it'll be quite like that but it'll be nice to get rid of this headache and queer feeling.



addicted to minimins!!
how is everybody feeling this morning?? ketosis may have made an appearance overnight! xx