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Day 2!!!

EE and finding it hard to believe I'll loose weight whilst still eating as much as I want! Had quorn sausages for breakfast and low fat supernoodles for lunch and now I'm so full! How about u?
Just had pasta again with 0% total, chives and 2 slices of quorn ham. I was really full but all of a sudden went starving. I've not had any syns at all in the 3 days ive been on the diet. Hope this is ok.
You need to use your syns from the start, they make a difference! Also on EE you need to make sure you are eating 1/3 Superfree foods, I'm not seeing any fruit n veg in there ;) x
Yes as said before one third of your plate should be veg/fruit. I have a problem with veg so I am doing red and green plans. Hope you get on OK and enjoy it, that is the main thing.
Thank you Maverick and holly's nan, I did need a bit of a shove towards the fruit and veg, going to do a big food shop tomorrow so I'll make sure I stock up!
I'll probably have an options hot chocolate later to get the sin count going too!
If you mean an avatar, think its 50 posts but I am just finding my way round as well. It will come up automatically in your profile info on the left of your posts. Thats what happened to me anyway
Struggling to have any syns as I'm so full. Not had any in the 3 days I've been doing SW but I've been told this is bad so should I just have something even tho I'm not hungry anymore?
When I say your pic comes up automatically what I mean is it says something like upload avatar? Then you can pick whichever you choose from this site. Sorry for the confusion.
Ok thanks holly's nan :)
Just had syn free cottage cheese, quorn ham slices and used lettuce as wraps :) really nice and didn't miss the bread at all! Well not too much anyway!
As predicted I'm having my first glass of wine and my first lot of syns on this diet. It is so lovely! Much nicer than when I used to drink it every night and I'm making it last longer too! Yum yum!
Only managed one glass of wine before I felt slightly drunk and fell to sleep! Just woke up and going to have a syn free tea and no more wine for me tonight!
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