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Day 2

Hiiii. I'm on Day 1 and finding it okay. Shakes taste horrible though so i'm going to try experiment with loads of different ways of drinking them. For example, i froze one today for tomorrow, so it's kind of like vanilla ice cream :) I hope so anyway. I'm new to this so sorry if i did this wrong haha.
btw, i've heard the horrible starving feeling goes away after day 3/4. Drink plenty of water and stock up on the painkillers :D good luck!
Hi neekynoo

A good way of making them taste a bit better is to add ice, it's a bit more refreshing :) let me know if it works as an "ice cream" as would like to try something different :) good luck!!
Yes, I've heard that, thanks for the tip. I suppose it would make it seem more like a milkshake!
I will get back to you tomorrow on whether or not the frozen method was better! Also heard you can make it hot and add a spoon of coffee powder to make sort of a latte/cappucino for the evenings. Also trying that tomorrow! :D
Someone tried the ice cream idea with the strawberry and said it was basically just ice..lol. I've also heard that your suppose to eat them no more then 15 minutes after preparing them..Good luck! x
yeah, i rang them up today and they said not to freeze them, because it loses its nutritional value :(
had to throw the two of them out. What a waste of money.
Oh noo..That sucks. I've head of loads of people adding coffee to the vanilla and chocolate and also someone said about adding peppermint tea to the chocolate one aswell...Maybe try those..I'm trying the coffee with vanilla in a minute..Wish me luck. Lol x
Are you making it on hot water or cold?
I had the vanilla one with coffee...cold..really really good. :)