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  1. zee1988

    zee1988 Member

    Hello, I have just started Diet Chef.
    For the last (nearly) 3 weeks I have been on Weight 2 Go which was good but had a limited variety so I have taken the plunge and subscribed to the 4 month plan. So far on that diet I had lost 1st in 3 weeks so I am hoping for 1st each month. Ambitious I know but you gotta aim high right? According to my BMI profile I need to add around 1000 kcals a day to the diet chef meals to loose 1-2lbs a week but 90% of the reason I chose this kind of diet is because I am terrbile at planning so will see how I get on with less kcal than required. If I feel I am loosing weight too quickly I'll add extra kcals as required.
    What sort of times a day do you guys take your meals?
    One of my problems is I sleep alot so find it hard to space out meal times to get them all in.
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  3. serendipy

    serendipy Member

    Hi! You are so lucky to be able to add 1000 calories a day and still loose weight!!! I can just have what comes in the standard hamper and am afraid to start (I will start tomorrow).

    I dont think it matters at what time you take your meals as long as you dont let too much time pass between lunch and dinner (I asume your problem is to separate breakfast and lunch). If I woke up late I would have breakfast as soon as I wake up (do you mean 11:00?), then a late lunch (2pm), snack (5pm) and dinner (8pm).... If you wake up even later maybe you could have breakfast after lunch as a could have porridge or a cookie as dessert.....does it make sense?

    I would never have a problem getting all the meals in! Thats why I am fat I supose....

    Good luck!!!

  4. zee1988

    zee1988 Member

    Typical day for me -
    Wake up at 11am. Worry if I eat too soon my last meal will be too early I'll be hungry right before bed.
    Eat Breakfast at 12:30.
    3pm - Not feel hungry and go to work without having a lunch.
    5pm - Feel hungry so Eat my snack.
    8-9pm - Have to wait for boss to leave office so I can sit at my desk and eat my dinner.
    10pm - remember I have brought an apple and eat that - just because its there.
    11pm - get home from work and think its silly to eat my "lunch" at this time of night when I'm not even hungry
    Midnight - start to feel hungry but dont eat anything as its too close to bed time.
    1am - Bed time
  5. serendipy

    serendipy Member

    Ok si i would fix it eating lunch and snak at the same time even if you are not hungry, or having diner at midnight even if it is too close to bedtime...


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