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Day 2

Morning All!

Well I got through my first day with not too many hurdles. I had a few hunger pangs in the afternoon, and then again just before I went to bed, but it wasnt as extreme as I thought I would feel. My stomach was making some strange noises when I laid down in bed though. Poor Hubby, he must have wondered what was going on. Well apart from wee weeing all day long, the day was uneventful. I wasnt too keen on the vanilla shake or the chicken shake, but found the chocolate one that I had for supper, (cold) much much nicer.

Day 2
I woke up this morning for work and didnt feel very hungry at all. I have now been awake for 3 hours and nearly drank 1 litre of water. Already had 2 cups of tea, soon to be 3rd, so water intake going well. I have brought a strawberry shake for breakfast.

Lets hope the day continues as well as the morning has started.

Oh by the way, the bad breath has started, so I am armed with my listerine strips to freshen my breath.

Good luck to everyone else today.
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Well done, sounds like you have exactly the right attitude and are coping well. I hope it continues that was as you speed towards your goal!!
Thanks Milktrayman. Wow, you are doing fantastic. Well done you.

I just had the strawberry shake for breakfast, and I liked that one. So it looks like I am going to be a chocolate and strawberry kinda girl. Still not feeling hungry, but I had my shake as there are only so many hours in the day lol.
Hey Kered,

I’m aiming for 9 stone, I’ve never been that slim so it would be amazing to get there! Last time I did LT almost 4 yrs ago now I got down to 10 stone from 14 in 2 months… I piled 3 stone back on in 2008 when I started working in an office… Uni life was much more active and better for maintaining a healthy weight, I tell ya!

I have to go away for 2 weeks in March for a friend’s wedding, so I’m hoping I can get down to just below 11 by March, re-feed for 3 weeks then come back and lose the last 2 stone by May… just in time for summer ;-)

I’m getting really excited about first weigh in!!

Day 3 is here, was a bit dizzy on the train this morning but feel much better after having my morning shake!!

Good luck today. Xx
Morning slimmer09, well done for getting day 2 over with. Mmm, a little bit late for me to go to Uni, as I am nearly 50, and I am in an office, but so far so good.

Just had my first shake of the day, strawberry and it was actually quite nice. Cant say I like the soup or vanilla.

I am sure with your attitude you will get under 11 stone for your friends wedding. I will be keeping a close eye on you and your WI day will be 1 day before me lol. Good luck for your wi.
Didnt think about the added expense of following the lipotrim plan, but I used a whole loo roll yesterday. Wee wee wee wee wee all day long. Even during the night !!!
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glad to hear its going well. you are doing great with your water intake!... i should get started, i havent had any water yet :(


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Didnt think about the added expense of following the lipotrim plan, but I used a whole loo roll yesterday. Wee wee wee wee wee all day long. Even during the night !!!
LOl thats what i've been thinking, my water usage is going to be massive, all the flushing and tap water! Thank god we aren't paying for water (yet!)
Haha... on 2.5 litres now, almost 3 down... phew!!

And yes, the toilet breaks are quite annoying, though I'm only waking up once during the night thank goodness.
I have managed 2.5 litres today as well so far, but plenty of time left.
Decided after lunch that I dont like the chicken soup.:mad:
Hi i've just started Lipotrim today and am struggling with the water but am determined!
Hi Aggie
Welcome to the forum, you will find plenty of help on here. I found it great, especially yesterday on my first day. Little questions that just pop up in your brain.
I keep the bottle by my side, and just sip it slowly through-out the day, and before you know it, its empty.
Good luck on your journey.


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kered glad to hear you are doing well day 2 nearly done have a nice hot bath and an early night and this week will fly xx
Thanks Lillie, in work for another hour, then I will go home and have a pamper before my final shake - woohoo, cant wait. To be honest, I quite like the strawberry and the chocolate, but gone right off the chicken. I will try a cold vanilla tonight, as I had it hot with coffee yesterday, but think it might be nicer cold.

Thanks for your support, its appreciated.
Day 2 is now over as I am going to bed. Not been too bad at all and thank goodness I tried different shakes today. The strawberry was really nice, but the chocolate mixed with warm peppermint tea tonight was delicious. Didnt feel like a low calorie shake.
End of day 2 and feeling fine and still well motivated. Not half as bad as I thought it would be.
Looking forward to day 3.
Thanks again for all the support and advice from everyone.