Day 2


Feeling fab!
....almost completed :D

Shakes haven't been as bad as i imagined. Had a bit of a fuzzy head last night and woke with a headache this morning,but nothing 2 paracetamol couldn't clear,thankfully. Had a few hunger pangs today, just tried to keep myself occupied. I do keep burping quite alot, is this normal or am i abnormal?;) Initially, i thought it was because the only way i can drink water is from a sports bottle, drinking out of a glass for me is torture. So i thought it may have been the sipping from the bottle and taking in too much air or perhaps i'm just nutty!!! also ocassionally feel a tightness, it's quite hard to describe where it is, not in my chest but towards my breastbone kind of?!

Thankgoodness for minimins though, as it's been a godsend so far and a great distraction.
Feeling a bit anxious about going t work tomorrow, but must remember to keep busy
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Good luck slinky, hopefully work will take your mind off it, it does for me, I'm much happier at work at the moment than at weekends...get into a routine and it becomes so much easier to deal with...and your'll find yourself getting more energy as time goes on. Lots of other people on here have a feeling of well being after a few days. Keep it up you can do this!

mrs bee

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Yay, you're doing great, well done, I'm sure tomorrow will be fine! Roll on friday weigh day eh? xx


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I have been burping, but only after my shakes, and a little bit of wind from the other side too.
I was anxious about coming to work on day 2, but its really good in work, especially when your busy, as you dont have time to think too much about it.
Keep it up, you're doing great.