Day 2

Hello everyone

Well it's Day 2 and am doing fine so far!!

Slight headache but thats all.........

Just having chicken soup for lunch, had the thai chilli with poppadoms last night(mushroom) and was not as bad as I was expecting.

Tried the vanilla and choccie so far and like both - I CAN DO THIS I WILL BE SLIM - YIPEE!

Four litres yesterday and getting through today nicely! As long as I dont stray too far from a loo I am ok - how long does it take for your body to get used to all the water?

Thank you all for you words of wisdom and encouragement so far.

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The Diet Guy
Hiya Denise

Your bladder does get a bit more used to it BUT you'll still be peeing all the time :)



Full Member
hi july...welcome aboard...

so glad that you're doing good re. the packs.

re. wee wee-ing...i felt better after day 3 to be honest. but still...when you drink that amount of water, you need the loo closeby or else it will drive you crazy...

keep it up!!!!

ps: are we all invited to your wedding? he he (joking)