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Day 3 and I've already had enough!


Slimming down the aisle
I've had enough now and don't want to do CD anymore! Well I do, and I know I will, probably, but I am tired of it already. And I know it's only Day 3 so I have no right to moan at all when some of you guys have been doing it for months, but yet I am anyway! To be honest it's not been that bad, no symptoms really, not felt that hungry at all. But now I am a bit. My banana tetra thing was disgusting and I have this horrible taste that I can't get rid of. And while I'm not all that hungry now really, I just want something real to eat. Not a liquid. Or a bar. But actual food. I'm ok at the moment, but the idea of this for the next few weeks isn't a great one, let alone for the next few months! But we'll see how I go. I'll keep on keeping on, until I can't keep on any more!
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Sorry to hear you're struggling - have you thought about doing SS+ with the "green & white" meal option if you're dying to eat something?


Slimming down the aisle
Maybe, I'm going to definitely keep it as an option. But I'm going to try and stick with this. I have given up on so many things in my life, diet and otherwise, that I really want to try and stick at it for as long as I can. I was just ranting, I'll be fine in a bit I'm sure! I might have my shake soon and then I'll be sorted for the evening and I'll stop being hungry and it'll be all good!
Hi Caroline
I am on Day 5 now and I found the first 3 days REALLY hard - so much so that I have had to do SS+, which I really didn't want to. BUT I reckon the weight is still coming off and that is all that matters. It does get easier, I am sure.
Just take one day at a time, don't focus on how the the journey might be xx
For me doing SS+ wasn't about failing at SS, rather a success at finding a diet I could stick to longish term. The difference in weightloss only seems to be a couple of pounds a month. Enjoy your shake tonight and honestly it does seem to get easier as you go on.


Cambridge Consultant
Stick with it!!! You an do it....... My third day was the hardest it really was.. but I just drank loads took some neurofen as felt a little rough and carried on.. This is a really fab diet.... it is hard there is no denying it but you get the results and quickly!!!

I am on week 11 and I never ever thought I would get here... Stick with it hon . you will be so happy when you start seeing the fab results and are slim for the summer !!

Hiya hun,
I found my 3rd day horrible , i was sooo irritable but the highs of this diet really out way the lows. I think by day 5 i was settling into the diet and it becomes a little bit more comfy. Try to stick with it maybe just for a week in case you start to feel better and find that you can carry on if not look into the ss+ option . We are all different you have to find what works for you . Good luck x
Hi there,

I know exactly how you feel, I'm on day 5 now and day 3 was definately my worst. I couldn't imagine how I could possibly carry on for much longer, but I found it a lot easier the last couple of days. I was very emotional and irritable on day 3, and was so close to giving up, but am glad that I didn't. I WILL get easier, if you overcome the day 3 hurdle then you get into a routine, and then it seems much easier and sustainable. Just try for the first week - the atleast you can say to yourself you gave it your best shot. I think you will feel differently in the next couple of days.

Good luck! Let me know how you get on! We can support each other!


Ah - welcome to the 3 day hump. Very common. I had mines at day 5 when I was thinking "what the hell have I done? I'll do anything but this to lose weight"

This is now week 4 for me. It does pass and it does get easier. Its all head tricks my love.

Go brush your teeth and have a nice hot drink of tea/coffee etc.

Other trigger points commonly spotted are eating after 1st weigh in/going into week 2. Get through these and you'll conquer it!


Slimming down the aisle
I think I've realised that though I thought I didn't have any side effects, my grumpiness is a side effect! Along with the fact that it's my TOTM. I must be a nightmare to live with!! I had an argument last night and ended up crying. That's not me at all, and it wasn't even that big a thing!

I'm already feeling so much better than I did earlier. I just went to blockbusters to get myself a film as a treat, seeing as the food treats are out! So I'm going to settle down with that in a minute. I just made up my vanilla shake, but I only did half of it, added more water than it said and added a spoon of coffee. It's quite yum! Means that I get another one later too :D

I haven't really told anyone that I'm doing the CD, other than my mum so she knows not to cook me dinner and my friend who has just started on CD with me, and haven't really wanted to tell people. At first I thought and said that it was because I didn't want pressure at first, I wanted to just get through the first week or two. But I've realised that actually it's not for that reason at all, but two other ones...

1. I didn't want to admit failing, again. And if I didn't tell anyone, they didn't need to know I failed. BUT I've realised, that I'm not going to fail. I'm not going to let myself fail. So I'm starting to be more open about it, and that makes me accountable, which must always be good.

2. Me saying I'm on a diet is me saying I need to lose weight, which is me saying I'm fat. It's like, yeah, I know that, but saying it out loud, to someone else, it's different. Like in my head somehow they might not notice, but if I say diet, then they will and I'll be judged. But again, I don't feel like that anymore. I've realised that actually I should have friends that support me. And if they don't, I don't want them as friends. And actually, the couple I've told have been great about it.

I've realised that the CD is soooo good for me. Not just because of the weight loss that IS going to happen, but because it's actually going to bring about a change in me as a whole. In my attitude. My thinking. The way I see myself. In fact, it already is.

Wow, this is a very different post that started this thread! What a difference a couple of hours, a DVD, yummy drink and getting some air does! But it's long enough, so I'll shut up now!


Slimming down the aisle
I hate my parents. They're having Roast Lamb and I can smell it! Though actually, I'm not finding it too hard amazingly!! It does smell nice though.


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Caroline.
Well done you..... Im pleased you are feeling better now.. it sounds like you were just having an off moment.
I find it easier to be open with people.. and then they will keep asking you about it .. and if you are being good and losing lots you are proud anyway..
Ignore the smells of cooking its so hard sometimes.. but just think the summer is not far away and you are going to feel so much better by then and on the way to being slim!!!
Your doing fab xx
Caroline well done for talking thigns through with yourself...
I too am on week 4 week 5 tomorrow of 100%SS and time flies!!

Every single person this diet has bad days.. or moments where they think oops what have I done...
As others have said SS+ isn't a failure but when i did it last time for me I still couldnt handle food so i was doomed... My opinion is if you can SS, do it, because it totally removes the food temptation whilst you can concentrate on doing the other hard work of sorting out your head!
When you step on the scales at the end of the week, regardless of the loss, I'm sure you will be on cloud nine and chomping at the bit to get into weeks 2, 3,4 and beyond....
Good luck..
Have fun..



Slimming down the aisle
I'm totally with you there Tilly. I think adding food into the equation equals more temptation for me so it's easier to leave it out. I think I can SS, and I want to prove to myself that I can. I just need to keep on keeping on and I'll do it! I can't wait til Thursday to see what effect it's had. Hopefully that'll be all the motivation I need!
for me the difference in getting and staying in the zone, has been to write down my motivations.... get them clear in my head, make sure you have plenty that span the whole of your journey and beyond (just so you don't give up when you have say lost 1 stone for a party or something) Keep referring back to your motivations or goals, write them down, where you can see them, everytime you think of food, replace the thought with those goals!
Also why not write a blog? They are so handy for referring back to when times are hard, and also are great motivation for us to read too!!



Slimming down the aisle
Yeah I'm keeping a blog, has been good to have somewhere to rant too!!

Lexie... thanks for the message. I know I'm not drinking enough water, I'm trying!! I usually don't drink much of anything at all. There have been times when it'll be late in the evening and I realise I haven't drunk anything all day, or possibly even two! And I figure it's going to be hard to get up to 2 litres a day straight off. I'm doing a lot better today. I've had a litre and a half, so will hit the 2 litre target. Though once I'm at that I'm going to try get up to 3.

Just wondering about ketosis, other than using the test strips, what other ways can you tell that you're there yet?


remember green tea counts towards your water if you like it. A couple of mugs of that on top of your water will get you there in no time. You need extra 200ml water with the bars and tetras too, so keep an eye on it and you will get there.

Ketosis - metallic minging taste in mouth
furry tongue
funny smelling wee
a slight feeling of hyperactivity
bad breath

but if you are losing weight you're in ketosis, so don't sweat it.


Slimming down the aisle
In that case, I think I'm in ketosis! :D


Slimming down the aisle
How long does the metallic taste and furry tongue last?


until you are out of ketosis :D

Good times.

But it gets better with a tongue scraper and more fluids.

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