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Day 3 and really struggling

Hiya everyone

Well i am quite proud of myself as i have made it to day 3 woop woop!! Last night i went to the pub to watch the football with my OH, my Brother, his GF and a few mates. As they all sat drinking wine and beer i was drinking ice water and i didnt mind one bit :D Very happy that i managed to do it hehe!!

On the way home i had a sudden urge to eat i felt sick and like my tummy was so empty, i had already had my 3 packs for the day and was battling with myself should i eat something or not, in the end i just went home and got straight into bed.

This morning i woke up feeling great that i managed the night and not ate a thing. Today i had planned to go shopping down the metro centre with my brother. The hard thing was that he ate in front of me (he said he felt bad and he wouldnt if i didnt want him to) i said it was fine but it was killing me inside :( I could smell the lovely food and i felt sooo hungry, but its not like i can stop anyone eating haha i dont have that right and i aint that selfish it was just hard because i REALLY wanted to eat what he was eating lol.

All around the metro centre i could smell food and drink and people eating and shops with food etc, i just couldnt handle it :(

I got home safe and my OH picked up a bad of peanuts (which i HATE) and they smelt really nice LOL and all i wanted to do was take them off him and EAT THEM ALL, an i hate peanuts!! Whats wrong with me :(

I'm feeling so hungry right now in my head, i know it aint my tummy. Tonight i am off to the cinema with OH, my brother and his GF and my brother is already talking about what he is going to eat there... nachos and cheese and hot dogs etc etc and i know my OH will dig in too. Its going to be sooo hard i just want a big binge eat.

I am going to chop up my bar tho and take it in a little bag and munch on that lol. I know i know i am happy i aint broke the diet its just i'm finding it so hard to battle with my head 24/7 about eating.

Does it get better... i cant remember it being this hard the last 2 times i did it?

Tomorrow my nan is having a BBQ with loads of lovely food she has made crumple and everything so i am going to have to watch everyone eating all this lovely food 2morrow.

I dunno whats with me i am feeling quite poop today i think. I feel like i could cry to be honset i just feel really upset about it all.

I know i really dont want to break the diet as once i slip up and even have a diet coke or chicken salad i never seem to get back on plan. Its took me 4months to get past day 1 so i know now i have lasted nearly 3 days i am really happy with myself and i want/need to carry on. Just finding it really hard.

Sorry about the rant everyone ..... and the extra long post. Just your the only people who understand. xxxxx:wave_cry:
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Hi Tasha, don't know if you've tried this (and its not much good when you are out and about) but it does help to remind me why I'm doing this. I go on clothes store websites like monsoon (which I love) and I make up outfits that I want to fit into, it is a bit childish but its fun lol its like dressing those paper dolls (without the doll obviously) keeps me occupied thinking about clothes though and it does remind me why I'm doing this enough to get through the day xx
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Congratulations for getting to day three!
Remember how had it has been and every day you are getting a step closer to your goal and burning off fat!
Remember why you wanted to do this and stay strong!
Alot of this diet is down to breaking habits, weekends are always really hard and its a time in our house when we all chill as a family and eat together, but I remember why I am doing this and maybe go and do something else whilst they are all eating, or have my soup at the table etc so I still feel part of the family.
Cinema etc is really hard, but stay strong, take a big bottle of water, your bar and think about all those lovely clothes that you will be able to fit into!!!
I have really been helped by having a small meal with chick and salad, but if, like you say you still find this hard to stay on track with then just stick to ss and think of the results you will see on the scales at wi!

You are doing FAB!!!!! Stay strong you can do it, think of all if us when you are in the cinema and we will give you virtual will power!!! lol x x x Big hugs x x x
Aw thank you both so so much.

My OH just said something to me and i dunno why i just burst out crying and i aint been able to stop. so excuse me if my typing is terrible (more than normal anyway) I been shopping today and seen all the lovely clothes i would like to fit into and seen all the skinny pretty girls walking around but it just didnt help with how i felt or made me want to not eat, probs thats why i am feeling like this because normally after going places and seeing clothes i cant fit into and skinny pretty girls wearing next to nothing and looking great my reaction is to comfort eat and i am just battling with myself not to do it and just got abit upset.

I dunno whats with me, i want this more than anything :(
Hi Tasha, I wondered how you was getting on.

Yes it does get better. Tomorrow will be easier than today and the day after that will be easier than tomorrow. If you make it through the cinema and the BBQ then I will be so impressed with you as I know that I couldn't have done it in my first week.

Like the others have said remember why you want to do this and remember how you felt last time you did this. You've done brilliantly so far (day 3 is always the worst) and it's bloomin hard work but the diet works and you can do this. Ketosis will be with you soon enough and then you'll feel great.

Chin up honey and dig deep.

Sharon xx


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Don't do it Tasha, you've done so well to get to day 3 and its almost over. Metro Centre is a complete dieters nightmare so well well done for being good there. When I went last month the diet went completely out of the window, my only saving grace is that the food court is not there anymore and my Mum didn't want to wait in any of the restaurants, BUT we ended up in Ikea and trips to Ikea always involve their meatballs!! So you've done amazingly well so far.

You're almost halfway through week 1 now and on the count down to WI, just imagine how you're going to feel when you get on those scales at your CDC's!! Thats what's keeping me going right now. Don't let this beat you chicken you can do it, if you start thinking about food tell yourself out loud to STOP (yeah Andreas might think you're cracking up, but never mind) then immediately think about something else, the football, clothes, the weather, work anything.... just not food!!

My tummy felt terrible last night too, like it was digesting itself lol, but I made a cup of tea and tried really hard to ignore it.

Keep strong and stay focussed, you can do it!!! You know you can!!!!
Ok sharron and sally i'm going to shrink you both and put u in my pocket so when i feel terrible i can take you out and have a chat to you both haha. Everyones replys have cheered me up and i am feeling better.

Andreas has got food in the oven which smells so so nice haha and he feels terrible for eating it which i really dont like because its not his fault i am on this diet and upset, bless him.

Right i am going to make myself feel better and go hop in the shower then beautify myself for tonight haha. I will have a mint choc shake before i go and cut up my bar into little chunks to munch through the film. lol Thanks everyone you have no idea how much your posts really help me xxxxxx <3<3


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Have a good night Tasha, the bar idea is a fab one!! Enjoy the film xx


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Hope you have a fab night. If it helps I'm feeling exactly the same today, I'm not hungry but and in the head IYKWIM!!
I've never known myself be so busy trying to stop myself from going in the kitchen and binging.

I had WI today and lost 4lb so normally it helps me stay focussed so but not today.
x x


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Have a nice night tonight xx
Hiya everyone

So went to see the new robin hood film tonight and i must say that russel crowe is a bit of alright haha!! I managed to not eat or drink anything i shouldnt have :D Altho there was quite a few times i said... ooh some popcorn wont hurt and i had to fight with myself not to eat it. My brother got nachos and cheese which i admit is my FAV thing on earth, he couldnt eat them all and loads was left over, he gave them to my OH who was sat next to me, i kept looking over really wanting to have one. I was telling myself that just one little one wouldnt hurt lol but i knew it would have so i battled with myself not to have any and drank my water and munched on my bar bits lol. Now i am home safe and feeling happy with myself that i managed to stick with it yay!

Now all i need to do is get through tomorrow and i think i will be fine when i am back to work on monday. My CDC told me that my body is just trying to fight what i am doing and is craving the normal food but after a few more days i should be in ketosis and feeling alot better.

Today has been really emotional for me, being in tears because i cant eat food is a bad feeling i never want to feel like that again. So happy i have stuck with it and managed to get through the day without ANYTHING passing through my lips thats shouldnt have :D.

Thank you for your support <3 xxxxx
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well done you!!!! You should be so very proud of yourself. Its so hard not to get carried away in a situation, but you were strong and you got through, as we all knew you could!
Well done, give yourself a big pat on the back, hold your head high, if you got through last night, today will be a doddle!!
Good luck...not long till wi now! x x x


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Well done Tasha for getting through last night. It's taken me almost 6 months to realise that one won't hurt, it's the rest that I follow up with that does the damage! I really only cottoned onto this last week lol. So well done for resisting, and it was def a good move to take a chopped up bar with you, so you didn't feel completely left out. Xxx
Thanks hun, Yeah i just seem to work this out too haha its only taken me 4 months LOL. If i slip up with ANYTHING even a glass of diet coke i know i might as well right off the rest of the week or month.... and its just not worth it. Its all about teaching myself to say ''no'' which i have never been able to do. I have been like this for 24 years so thats why i am probs finding this so hard because i have never really done this diet 100% before without cheating and having diet coke or a chicken salad. This is going to be a total new learning curve for me and i am so determained to make sure i stick to this diet and see it thought to the end. I can learn to say no to food as food is not my everything. How are you getting on hun? xxx


Laugh in the face of food
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You can learn to say no to food and it's certainly not an easy thing to do!!! But right now you've just got to focus on what is more important to you.... Having that food or achieving your first goal of getting under 20? You know what the answer is, you just need to remind yourself of it and you'll be fine! Especially as you've done so well this week so far!

It takes time to break a habit, but it's only something like 12 occassions so I'm sure you're well on the way to breaking the yes habit xxx


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)
PS think of food as fuel... CD is that good expensive petrol that makes the car run amazingly well and food is diesel... Which will make your petrol car chug and splutter!!! You're gonna want to use the good CD fuel all the time right?

I've got so many different ways of looking at the diet, the fuel and skinny medicine are my favourites. CD is just medicine to make you skinny, not a diet at all lol xxx
Hahaha thats such a great way of looking at the diet :D I will defo be thinking of CD as skinny medicine hehe!! Cant wait to get past my first week. I didnt know that it only took 12 occations to break a habit thats good to know. I am defo on my way to breaking this habit then haha. <3 xxx


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tasha ....the cravings pass, the smells do stop bothering you. Although I have eaten this week I dont really feel like I am hungry or craving anything any more.

If anything the food I ate upset my stomach.

good on you ..... be strong and your figure will reward you very soon.

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